What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Quote:You may be good intentioned, but relying on the State far too much. That could open up a backdoor to abuse. Sex, regulated normally by the Church, only by the state when it is abusive-ie, rape or sodomy. If it is "gotta have it all the time", it is normally under the purview of the Family, Church and in all-else-fails, state. subsidiarity

Subsidiarity says that the lowest level competent should handle it. I agree.

But it's obvious that in our society the Family and the Church ARENT handling these issues sufficiently. They arent succeeding on their own. And subsidiarity says that in such a case you move up to the next level.

In the medieval world, fornication was punishable at various times in various ways, with the State as the "secular arm" of the Church.

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