What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
TraditionalRomanCatholic Wrote:Is it viewed like alcohol is where it is OK as long as it is done in moderation?  I know that there are people who abuse marijuana but what about the people who use it to calm down, battle insomnia, or other medical uses?  Is it viewed as a venial sin, or is it sever like a mortal sin?  I ask because my brother smokes marijuana to relax after a hard day of work.  He has anger management issues and gets made fun of a lot while at work.  He says that coming home and smoking helps him relax and calm down so he doesn't flip out.  Is he committing a sin?  I'm interested so I can inform him, and also because I'm interested to know.  Sources would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time.
not to be a wiseguy......but,would you see our Lord smoking grass?i mean we all know he turned the water into wine(and not fruit-juice like them loony born-agains proclaim [Image: eyes.gif] )and there is references in Scripture about the use of alcohol,for good and evil,but the use of any kind of narcotic(dope?) probably isn't the best intention that God intended for us.as a matter of fact, i have heard there is some kind of demonic influence through the use of pharmaceuticals,maybe that's too medieval for some,but i see a whole generation around me wack-ed out of their minds on dope and pills and something definitely have some kind of eeery grip on them or their view of reality.being high i'm sure is probably a sin as much as being drunk,even the termed getting "stoned" doesn't sound good to me in the eyes of an almighty God.i see guys who smoke regularly and their mood swings are incredible,without that stuff their miserable or unpredictable,that can't be normal or healthy.maybe your brother is just making matters worse smoking that crap,if he's got serious problems he should get get some professional help,although sometimes doctors tend to be the biggest drug pushers,he's got to be careful.how bout his spiritual life?does he attend mass?does he even believe there is a God?get him some spiritual counsel ling if he needs some.if he needs to release some anger maybe he should do something physical like join a gym or martial arts,that would also help him with his abusive co-workers and teach how how to deal with them knuckleheads.there's a lot he can and should do without "tuning out" the world , smoking your self into oblivion,that never helps and only makes things worse.you can help by building his confidence in himself and be a good example as an (older?) brother he can look to for support....... good luck and may God help both of you.

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