What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Quote:On the topic of absinthe's effects, I never had any hallucinations drinking absinthe. The only effect I've ever had was getting really drunk. Perhaps it has something to do with most absinthes being over 100 proof.

Did you drink it straight? If you did I can only say that whenever something is revived from the past, no one seems to get it right. Like you Americans, with the growing popularity of tea (many often butcher it beyond repair, though they wouldn't understand as they can't imagine a sublime cuppa made properly) in your country, like to have "High Tea," which some apparently loosely define as a very exquisite afternoon tea. Have you any inkling of what High Tea really is...I thought not. You insist on cucumber sandwiches, dainties, and pasties, and don't realise that High Tea is essentially a substantial early evening meal, which often combines and replaces  "dinner" and "afternoon tea".

It would appear that a person found this amazingly scandalous beverage called Absinthe, in the UK we never banned it though it did go into hiding for awhile, and they dump it on the rocks straight and call it a day. The next day they feel like rubbish. First, I would advocate investigating its use. Diluted with <i>aqua </i>and sweetened with sugar.

Oh, and as for marijuana, Queen Victoria seems to have been fine, and she lived to a ripe old age. I personally find it detestable, and would prefer the far subtler relief of tobacco. Whose use I have engaged in since I was at public school, though the headmaster would have skinned me had he known.

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