What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Back to the topic of marijuana. If all the laws against it's use were to be repealed, I believe that the Catholic Church would have to condemn it's use except for serious medical purposes.

Let me be open here: I've had lots of experience with it, beginning in 1966. I can tell you that it is truly addictive, even if the withdrawal symptoms are not as physically harsh as heroin or cocaine. The regular user simply cannot tolerate the weakness, sense of lack, depression and anxiety of being without it. Furthermore, it is seriously impairing of one's motor coordination and sense of timing; driving a motor vehicle under the influence is even more hazardous, in my opinion, than alcohol (though I in no way support drunk driving!).

Worst of all, from the moral and spiritual perspective, smoking pot just puts out the light of reason and makes one extremely susceptible to whatever the passions may suggest.

Stay away from it! It's the devil's weed!

To be truly delivered from the clutches of marijuana requires divine grace through the Most-holy Mother of God. If I were counseling someone who is using it, I would emphasize that they are <i>skating on thin ice with the salvation of their soul</i>, to examine themselves fearlessly and see if they are not already in mortal sin, and to turn themselves over completely to Our Lady through the Rosary.

By the way, I would also stay away from those "Twelve-step programs" because they are all religiously alien to the Catholic Faith in that they ask you to call upon a "higher power" and have Christians and non-Christians reciting the Lord's Prayer together (holding hands, of course!). We have everything we need in the Catholic Faith for overcoming addictions.


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