What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Quote:But I agree, there is something wrong with the way our society abuses alcohol.

Not just abuses, but I'd even say with how it merely uses.

It is no longer the necessary beverage for health or sanitary reasons like it used to be, but it is still used, just..."recreationally" by people...even with 1 million deaths (just in America) in the last decade resulting from it.

"If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out"...but of course, people like to be numbed, to be able to forget their troubles for a while, lower their "inhibitions" (read: moral vigilance), and of course...the big booze corporations love the money, not just from the sale of alcohol itself, but from the whole industry the culture of it creates. It has been absurdly tethered to ideas of fun and youthfulness and masculine bravado, for example.

Alcohol causes the deaths both of the users and innocent bystanders...and the death of even MORE <B>souls</B>. It's not a sin, in itself, in moderation...but we all know it certainly leads to a whole lot of sin and addiction which is a spiritual enslavement. Not to mention all the suffering and psychological damage to the user and those around them.

It is no longer necessary. And though not a sin intrinsically...like slavery, I think society should no longer tolerate it. Not all things allowed are expedient. Drink among Catholics has been nothing but a cause of scandal to everyone, people should take a stand and no longer be complicit.

The fact that a taboo has (rightly) developed around smokers while drinking is still totally acceptable...is a ridiculous and delusional displacement of priorities.

Since Prohibition "failed" it has been a third rail in our society. But, you know what? I'm touching that rail, and I dont care if I get shocked! Afterall, "this train dont carry no drinkers"...

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