What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Quote:So too could sex, as many are addicted to that. So too food, a people struggle with that. Sports? High risk sports?

Society and the One who rules this world is to blame. As Catholics, we need to fight against the culture, not against the props the Devil may use against us.

It's a simple question of controlling the use of harmful things.

Your attitude is akin to "guns dont kill people, people kill people"...yes, people WITH guns. If gun laws were stricter in the USA...there would be fewer deaths and, I suppose correspondingly, fewer murders. They do not make society safer, statistically proven, no matter what NRA propoganda tells you. "But if everyone had one" is a useless hypothetical as that isnt the case.

One thing about alcohol is that it hurts innocent bystanders. Food doesnt do that. Addiction to sports doesnt.

Sex...should be regulated. An addiction to marital sex...well, if both spouses are okay with it...fine; then the State has better things to worry about, let their spiritual directors or therapists handle it. But fornication and adultery and stuff SHOULD be proscribed by law, simply because it can get a third party (a baby) involved and, in the current state of things, lead to abortion (whether legal or illegal).

High Risk sports should also be (and are) regulated.

I may be able to handle owning a flamethrower...but I dont think they should be allowed just because a lot of people cant.

I heard a quote where someone said, "the rules exist because they make sense for x% of people. And what about the other y%?? Well, everybody thinks they're part of that y%"

With alcohol, it is not a tiny minority of people who handle it irresponsibly. The evil resulting is not proportional to the good. It is a significant enough group of irresponsible-types to cause 100000 deaths each year, and who knows how many lost souls. And while you might think saving souls is not the State's job...saving lives certainly is. There is a big enough "x%" to make banning it as much as possible a prudent course of action. Because everyone thinks they're in that responsible "y%". Which may even be a majority...but is that really worth 100000 deaths?
I've heard that perhaps a compromise (for all drugs, not just alcohol) would be instead of banning them completely or allowing them completely...to regulate them and to have people need a license to buy them. And if you are ever caught publically drunk or high, especially driving, they take it away. For minor infractions for, like, a year or whatever. For major...forever. Perhaps it would electronically track how much you had purchased recently and have a cap limit on that. It's an interesting idea, I just wonder how they'd make sure only responsible people got the license. Surely some would slip through the cracks...but still, it's something to consider.

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