What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Catholic777 states:
"Your attitude is akin to "guns dont kill people, people kill people"...yes, people WITH guns. If gun laws were stricter in the USA...there would be fewer deaths and, I suppose correspondingly, fewer murders. They do not make society safer, statistically proven, no matter what NRA propoganda tells you. "But if everyone had one" is a useless hypothetical as that isnt the case."

This has been demonstrated as false.But, by all means, lets disarm everyone and lets trust this Govt to protect us, the same govt that:
-incinerated Waco fundies
-Gave VD to blacks (Tuskeege)
-allowed 45 million abortions
-murdered Terry Schiavo

and has passed draconinan dictatorship laws just in last 8 yrs alone (Military Commissions, Patriot Act).

Not supporter of NRA at all-a sellout to GOP-but I would think long and hard about disarming law-abiding people.

my point is simple-Govt's usually do NOT have your best at heart, it is about profit or control. I fear more from Govt, the largets killer of people, then some occ pot user that is nauseous or nervous.

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