What is the Churches postition on marijuana?
Quote:But, by all means, lets disarm everyone and lets trust this Govt to protect us,

Quote:Not supporter of NRA at all-a sellout to GOP-but I would think long and hard about disarming law-abiding people.

You hold some romanticized notion that if the people have guns then they can defend themselves against an unjust government, which is totally unrealistic.

No mere group of private citizens is going to be able to overcome the government with handguns and rifles and pistols. It's just a ridiculous thing to imagine.

You are also assuming that the military or police are some sort of impersonal robot. The soldiers and police officers are people too, citizens in the end. If the government was really bad...well...legitimacy breaking down and the soldiers stopping compliance is just as likely as some group of civilians with their guns overthrowing the government.

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