New Zealand: No Fat Chicks?
Cassius_Longinus Wrote:Relax, Mrs. Firecracker, and learn how to take a joke. (I'm a 29 on the BMI...that means technically I'm almost obese...MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I have rather a good sense of humour. I just don't see anything at all funny in making jokes about people's personal appearances since I know that that causes people pain. Hurting other people is never funny, in my opinion.

Cassius_Longinus Wrote:edited to add: CaroleK, after having read the 'pet peeves' section on your profile, I now totally understand what your reply was all about.

No. I doubt that you do. If you mistakenly believe that the debate about my diet that I dislike is the caloric content, you would be wrong.  I, sir, am a vegetarian. And I get incredibly tired of debating the meat vs no meat debate.

If you believe that my pet peeve being rude comments is at the root of my objection to your post then you would be correct.
Spooky, you instigator.  Look what you've started!  These fights are always your fault!  [Image: wink.gif]
ErinIsNotNice Wrote:Maybe because New Zealand is nicer than Wales?  Maybe they want a more rural lifestyle?
There's no rule that says you must live and die in the place you were born, as much as you'd like to demand it of everyone.
There is if that country has the rule that you can't come and live there and they have every right to make such a law. What do you mean by "nicer"?
CaroleK Wrote:I have rather a good sense of humour.
Okay! Let's start hearing some "your mother is so fat..." jokes then.
SweetPea Wrote:Spooky, you instigator. Look what you've started! These fights are always your fault! [Image: wink.gif]

Tee hee! I try. [Image: hannah.gif]

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