Diocese of Joliet: 800 People Attend Wednesday Night Tridentine Mass
Tridentine Mass draws diverse crowd of worshipers

Overall, not a bad write-up, but it could have been better.

You would think that a Catholic publication would not say the priest turns his back on the congregation and says the prayers just to himself but would explain that the priest and people all face the altar and the priest prays directly to God with the congregation praying in silence with him.

You would think they'd also know better than to say the altar is turned around, and they might have mentioned that the priest faces the people to preach and to give Communion.

800 people on a Wednesday night is a very good turn-out. I hope the TLM is having a snowball effect and gaining momentum everywhere.

I posted the article because I was genuinely surprised the Catholic Explorer would report this event. I assumed the newspaper would conceal the fact that a Tridentine Mass occurred in the diocese. This is the diocese that had gyrating liturgical dancers in mini-skirts desecrating the cathedral over the summer. They are also big on sacrilegious interfaith services, and the bishop offers polka Masses. I suppose they had to report this Tridentine Mass because a huge number attended--and thus word of the event would have gotten out somehow.
There should be more journalists who are solid Catholics, methinks.

Good news though.
I'm really happy to see this! I thought I remembered that diocese as having extreme liturgical abuse. 
I can't understand why anyone would get excited about a "Tridentine Mass" celebrated by those who no longer have the Catholic faith?  You've got to be kidding, in the Diocese of Bishop Joseph Imesch?   You might check out some of the characters he has ordained.   

When joliet comes back to the catholic faith, then we might consider attending their "masses."     
According to many parish bulletins of the Joliet Diocese, on March 28th they will have a "Conference for Divorced and Widowed" sponsored by the St. Charles Pastoral Center in Romeoville.    Of course, with all the problems they have with divorce in the New Church, you can imagine they would need such a conference.   The Widowed should not be included with the divorced, as the two have nothing to do with each other, but that's not my point here. 

Father Richard Gilbert is the speaker from 9AM until 4PM with Bishop Sartain presiding over the Novus Ordo to close out this big event, at 4Shocked0PM  which is going to "to help participants come to a greater awareness that the death of a relationship is the death of a dream."  What?  A nightmare perhaps.   Father Gilbert will help  you "transform through loss to become a new creation."  Again, more modernist nonsense talk, that is far removed from Catholicism, but what can you expect in the Joliet Diocese?

For those who are now making a big deal about token Latin Masses in this mixed up Diocese, do a yahoo search on Father Richard Gilbert, or use any other search engine you fancy:  the parish bulletins would lead you to believe this was a Catholic priest.  Yet, if you check the joliet "Family Ministry" site:
www.dioceseofjoliet.org/familyministry you can read the event brochure:  Father Gilbert turns out to be an Anglican priest.   Given the sad state of affairs today, it might possibly be imagined that an Anglican could better handle an issue such as divorce, given the plight of our own priests and their lack of theological ability as regards faith or morals.  Yet, Father Gilbert belongs to this particular splinter of Anglicans:  http://eaca.org/wp/  This group is known as The Evangelical Anglican Church in America.    One of their parish links sings the praise of "Fr. Matthew Fox" an excommunicated Dominican.  Just check the clergy link.  Fr. Gilbert is listed as a clergy member of this group, and then read their "beliefs" and you don't have to  imagine, beside marriage, what the "union" are.  

Why the Joliet Diocese would bring in a clergy person who belongs to such a group, a group that  believes they provide an ecclesial body "in which sincere gay men, lesbians and bisexual persons,  amongst others historically excluded, may answer Christ's call to the Church..."  (The Evangelical Anglican Church of America -An Introduction).  Of course, they also have a bishopess and priestess or two.  If you click on the clergy link, Rev. Gilbert and the world pastoral care center are members of this Anglican type of ecclesial body.  I would ask the Anglicans of the Traditional Anglican Communion about that one.

Yep, some will continue to support the Joliet Diocese.  


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