Transgender Woman Sues Catholic Hospital for Refusing Breast Enlargement Surgery

Transgender woman sues Catholic hospital

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“Catholic hospitals are not required to perform abortions, and neither should they be forced to perform transgender operations. There are some medical procedures that run counter to Catholic moral teaching, and they include direct euthanasia, embryonic stem cell experimentation and cloning. If Catholic hospitals are denied the right to proscribe such operations, it effectively nullifies their right to remain Catholic.

“Significantly, the IRS ruled in 2005 that a woman’s transsexual sex reassignment surgery is not allowed as a deductible medical expense. Moreover, consider what Johns Hopkins professor of psychiatry Paul McHugh has concluded: ‘I have witnessed a great deal of damage from sex-reassignment.’ In other words, the government sees the requested surgery as elective in nature and experts like McHugh see it as destructive. Why, then, should Catholic hospitals be forced to cooperate with this objectionable venture?

“There are other hospitals that would gladly perform breast augmentation on a transgender person—especially in the San Francisco area—and the plaintiff knows it. What this case represents is nothing short of vengeance against a Catholic hospital simply because it practices Catholicism. Such intolerance, and such complete disdain for the diversity that Catholic institutions offer, has no legitimate place in our society.”

Quote:"This is a civil rights story," he said. "It is about transgender people being able to use businesses and other facilities on an equal basis as other people. If you took out 'transgender' in the lawsuit and replaced it with 'African-American,' this would be a no-brainer."

It is a civil rights story. It is about a private hospital having the right to refuse to perform a risky elective procedure. What if we went into his/her public school and forced them to teach religion? It floats both ways.
Quote:Gray still performs breast enlargement surgeries at Seton on women who are not transgender.
And here lies the problem.  Why is a Catholic hospital performing breast enlargement surgeries?  I can understand say, breast reconstructive surgeries, but isn't any elective surgery undertaken for vanity's sake just another form of mutilation?
This is in San Francisco? Don't be too surprised, as this is most likely a well funded, highly planned smear campaign against Mother Church, not just the hospital. They will try to prove that Catholics are bigots who refuse to provide services which would enrich the shemale's quality of life.

Just pray the hospital is able to overcome it.

Perhaps Cardinal Mahoney will help out the hospital in this.

Ha! That was funny, what I wrote right there!

Cardinal Mahony is in the LA archdioscese,not San Fransicko. Although he would fit right in.
Well hopefully they have the hospital administration has strength to defend Church teaching, although I don't expect they'll get much help from the local hierarchy.

Ever since the Connecticut hospitals ceded to an unjust Plan-B law, I fear there's worse to come.
Seems like he/she was asking for it... I mean it's Catholic hospital- come on!Possibly all a set-up.  
CradleCatholic Wrote:Cardinal Mahony is in the LA archdioscese,not San Fransicko. Although he would fit right in.

You are saying that "he would fit right in" on suing the hospital, aren't you? It's the only place he would fit in.

stix_nix_pix Wrote:Seems like he/she was asking for it... I mean it's Catholic hospital- come on!
Possibly all a set-up.
 With one of the best hospitals in the world, UC San Francisco, in the same town - do you think?

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