No double dipping, study says
It is not so much the results of this study that affect me but the fact that someone would actually take the time, let alone spend the money, to research something like this.

Eww! Double dipping just gross, study confirms
‘It’s like kissing everybody at the party,’ researcher says

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Keep an eye on the salsa this Super Bowl Sunday: A researcher inspired by a famous “Seinfeld” episode has concluded that double dipping is just plain gross.

“That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip!” George Costanza was admonished on the show after he dipped a chip twice at a wake. That’s not too far off, said Clemson University professor Paul L. Dawson.

Last year the food microbiologist’s undergraduate students examined the effects of double dipping using volunteers, wheat crackers and several sample dips. They found that three to six double dips transferred about 10,000 bacteria from an eater’s mouth to the remaining dip sample.

“I was very surprised by the results,” Dawson said in a telephone interview Thursday. “I thought there would be very minimal transfer. I didn’t think we would be able to detect it.”

The professor said the students’ research didn’t get into the risk behind such a bacteria transfer, but they got the idea.

“I like to say it’s like kissing everybody at the party — if you’re double dipping, you’re putting some of your bacteria in that dip,” Dawson said.

The results of the research are scheduled to be published in the journal Food Safety within the next six months, he said.
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Is this a copyright violation?
DJMitch Wrote:Is this a copyright violation?

It's more like virtual double dipping.  Gross. [Image: puke.gif]
I don't know, this study sounds rather unscientific.  At least with the information given.  Did they have a control sample that wasn't double-dipped?  Millions of bacteria can contaminate any open container, especially if people are dipping into it.  There are bacteria on your fingers that will contaminate the dip, even if you don't double dip.  This is why some people get mild food poisoning from parties.  The bacteria on our skin, and in our mouths will grow uncontrollably on things like room-temperature ranch dip, and release toxins into the dip that make people sick. That's why restaurants have rules about how long overall anything can be exposed to room temperature.  It's our body temperature that keeps these otherwise friendly-bacteria in check.
If someone double-dipped once and it was just out of forgetfulness I wouldn't trow the dip away. Also I could perfectly fine share the same bottle with someone.
viking Wrote:If someone double-dipped once and it was just out of forgetfulness I wouldn't trow the dip away. Also I could perfectly fine share the same bottle with someone.

Backwash.  Blecchh. [Image: sick.gif]
Double dipping is totally gross!  Ewwww! [Image: 4.gif]
Poor Caesar has been doing this his whole life.

You're horrified, aren't you? Horrified!

I won't even double dip if its just me and my wife.

I don't know where she's been.
We need the Dip Police

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