This probably has been dealt with already.  I apologize if so.  Let me preface this by saying that I don't take any illegal narcotics nor do I intend to, nor do I have any intentions of taking any even if they were legal.  That said, I was reading this (after looking up the reference to cocaine in the index from, Fr. Heribert Jone's "Moral Theology" p. 110:
"Since <i>morpine, opium, chloroform</i> and similar drugs can also deprive one of the use of his reason temporarily, that which was said of intoxicating drinks holds true also for narcotics (Cf. 165, 4).
a) To use narcotics in small quantities and only occasionally, is a venial sin if done without a sufficient reason. Any proportionately good reason justifies their use, e.g., to calm the nerves, dispel insomnia, etc.
Such use becomes gravely sinful if it creates an habitual craving for "dope" which is more difficult to overcome than dipsomania and more injurious to health."

Is Fr. Jone the only theologian that speaks about the use of narcotics, for or against?  I understand the requirement to submit to all laws given by a duly appointed government, and I also understand the requirement to look after one's one health.  So that is not at issue.  Fr. Jone seems to allow (assuming its in accordance with local laws) its use for medicinal purposes, and not very extreme ones either (calm the nerves, insomnia etc.) Is there any other sources that talk about this, besides the CCC (I know it has an entry on it)?  Any other texts on moral theology?  pre-Vatican II if possible.  Thanks.


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