Thefts from my house
I'm not a very active member of this forum, though I check here several times a day, and offer a quick Hail Mary for every request I read here, but now I'm asking for your prayers....

Last night someone broke into my room and that of another of my housemates. I wasn't home when it happened, but my roommate and other housemate had their laptops stolen. The thief only stole a couple of rather trivial things from me. I'm pretty shaken up about it, but grateful to God it wasn't worse. It's such a strange feeling, knowing someone else was rooting through your stuff. I'm offering it up, but I'm still really angry.

So please, pray for us, and pray for whoever robbed us.
Thanks so much.
[Image: prayer3.gif]. We had our truck stolen a few months ago. Man, oh, man, did that really get to me (I had much harsher words, but I'm trying to stifle them). I haven't gotten to the point where I've asked anyone to pray for the jerk and I haven't done it, either. 

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Ouch. I'll pray for you, and for whoever stole your truck, then, too.

No one should consider me too saintly about the whole praying for those that persecute you thing. I got back late from writing a paper and noticed that things were out of place. Part of me was praying for the jerk that did it, part of me was grateful it wasn't even worse, and part of me was morbidly dwelling on what I could have done to the guy if I'd caught him. It's bizarre. Sometimes when someone seriously wrongs me, I'm pretty serene about it; other times I just stew in anger over it...

Years ago, I was awakened by a noise in the night. I thought it was my son getting a drink. I said, 'Zak?' and a guy about 2m. tall jumped up in front of my bed! He ran, D.g., rather than attacking, but it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. I feel for you and will pray for you.
ForumLurker Wrote:Last night someone broke into my room and that of another of my housemates. [...] please, pray for us, and pray for whoever robbed us.

I'm praying ... also for the police, to whom you have reported this incident, right?


Don McMaster
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- Lisa
Really sorry to hear about that! Will pray...
Thanks for all the prayers, everyone. I'm so busy this week, at least that will give me something to take my mind off it...

My housemates have filed police reports for their laptops. I was away writing a paper on mine when it happened; all they took from me was some medicine that I didn't really need and old USB drive with nothing important on it. I doubt the police will find anything, but we've done what we can. Since Mass today I've felt a bit better...

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