Refusing vaccines
SouthernCatholic Wrote:
SmileBugMG Wrote:I think the whole article is worth reading, but this part most directly addresses the morality issue.

Again, though, not everyone's decision is solely moral.  Some of us have very real and very serious concerns about the necessity of some vaccines, the efficacy of others and the safety of yet others.

True, not all moral per se, but if you knowingly give kids high mercury, etc shots, could be abusive, there is a fine line between being a Ted Kasinski and protecting them from Pharmacological/AMA fascism and profit.
SmileBugMG Wrote:
introibo Wrote:I have nine kids.
No. 1 did not have hepatits vaccine.
Nos. 2 and 3 had it, as I didn't know much about the vaccine.
The rest don't have it. I refused it because the vaccine was known to cause problems and was banned in some European countries. Plus, it's basically a disease that is transmitted sexually or through intravenous drug use. Don't think babies need this....

Guess which two of my kids have asthma? Coincidence?


I can't say that it wasn't a coincidence.  It's impossible to prove either way.  But I will venture to say I think it entirely unlikely that both children's asthma was directly cause by hepatitis vaccine..

Hepatitis A is transmitted by the oral-fecal route.  Hepatitis B and C are spread by blood-to-blood contact, which is why healthcare workers especially are encouraged to be vaccinated (accidental needle sticks happen).  Hepatitis B can be transmitted sexually, but also through tears, saliva, and sweat.  So it is entirely possible to get hepatitis "innocently".  There is no hepatitis C vaccine currently, but A and B are available.

I work on 1000's of disability claims a yrs-some are normal asthma, some caused by obesity. There is a large rise statistically in the number of kids getting "ADHD" and asthma, + diabetes.Some of it is poor diet and lethargy, some may be linked to medicines that have above noted ingrediants and some that may actually cause slowed metabolism and obesity in themselves.

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