Zodiac Signs, St. Anne De Beaupre
One age's science is another's superstition. Let us remember that the Fathers thought the Sibyl prediticted the coming of Christ, and various cultures gave reverence to the figure of the Cross, which many Christian thinkers have thought were "prophecies" of what the Cross would accomplish in history.

Let us also remember that our idea of the cosmos is in reality profoundly anti-Christian. The cosmology of the Fathers of the Church thought that angels moved the bodies in the Heavens, and there is no reason that we should not believe this now. Indeed, Origen and others thought that the stars were animated. The idea that the movements of the heavens affect us in subtle ways is also not heterodox as long as it doesn't go against the Christian idea of free will. Indeed, Christian astrologers such as Marsilio Ficino were adamant in condemning such astrology, while using an astrology where people were affected emotionally and physically by the movement of the planets, but their fates were not determined by them. There is really not that stark of a line between this type of art and modern science, and indeed, they grew up next to each other. (Let us also recall that scientists up to and including Newton were fascinated by alchemy.)

The best argument you can come up with against this stuff is that it simply doesn't work, at least for us. That doesn't mean that there are lots of things about the cosmos and our world that we simply do not know about, and perhaps the ancients did. The one thing we cannot do is invoke demons or other spirits, and the Christian astrologers were well aware of that and steered clear of it.
Well pal, I was into astrology prior to my exposure to Catholicism and thought it was the real deal. If you want your precious Mercury retrogrades and Mars square Venus for the sake of feeling comfortable, you can keep them.
Maybe this sounds incredible from a modernist standpoint, but astrology, as well as alchemy, are lost sciences. The entire concept of what "science" is was modified after Middle Age.
The error and the sin comes when a science as astrology (as well as any particular science today), ignoring its own aim and limit, try to become a substitute for religion and faith, becoming itself religion and false faith. In other words, when from an instrumental and particular position is endowed with a principal and universal position. 
St. Anne, priez pour nous.

Oui, Oui! priez s'il vous plaît aussi pour les traditionalistes de Québec hedonistic.

Ja, beten Sie bitte auch um die Traditionalisten des hedonistishen Quebecs.
[Image: 199937191_b764eefc02.jpg]

I found the above image by a Google image search. Apparently it's from a stained glass window in a "St. Joseph's Hospital" somewhere. I've seen a similar one in a Catholic church in Ferndale, California. Would anyone like to take a stab at explaining away this one?
As far as I know, the Masons ripped that (and quite a few other symbols) off of the Church.
That's the eye of providence. Yes, the masons stole it, but it was Catholic first.
As C777 and Mark have said, the Masons stole many symbols in order to mock the Church and confuse the faithful.

The pentagram, for example, used to be a symbol of the Five Wounds (and, actually, in pagan times, of Venus), but the Masons and occultists took it as a magical symbol and most people now associate it with occultism and Satanism.
[Image: shameonyou.gif]Astronomy is one thing astrology is quite another. Some Biblical scholars believe that the zodiac chart was atop the Tower of Babel in the Book of Genesis. The zodiac chart is often associated with the occult. Please be careful out there! Christ be with you!
St Anne's is a beautiful church.  I had a mass said for my mother there last year and plan to have one said again soon  Please tell me that there are plans for a TLM there sometime very soon?


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