What Happened to StrictCatholicGirl?
Adonis33 Wrote:
Credo Wrote:That's too bad, she had a lot of good insights.

Am I the only one who has noticed an unfortunate exodus which has caused a lot of the old-timers around here to be replaced by people who clearly have a shallow understanding of Christianity, let alone the finer points of tradition? This is not a slam on all new members (welcome!) but only those who seem of have an orchestrated, or semi-orchestrated (a la Catholic Answers people) with an ax to grind against tradition, especially the SSPX, and a desire to propagate neo-con political and religious ideas on this forum.

I haven't noticed the "ax to grind" newcomers - however - I do wonder why the old-timers are leaving.

There was a thread a couple months ago, i think its title was "Anyone else notice..."
edit: Well, it wasn't anti new comers, I think it was just against the growing neo-con presence.

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