Favorite Cigars?
Belinda Spanish Twist

Parodi Kings and Kentucky Cheroots - unique, good, best of all economical

And, of course, rejects of different sizes soaked in Jack Daniel's, sold at the liquor store down the street.

I keep forgetting the rest I've tried.  Thanks for the recommendations.

Godsongz Wrote:I really like Rocky Patel, especially the "Decade"..  and I second Adonis' recommendation of Davidoff.  It's hard to pick a bad Davidoff.

Ditto on the Decade, although I've thoroughly enjoyed all the Rocky Patels I've had. Fantastic.
Oh yeah,Parodi's,glasses of Grappa,white shirts and bocce in the summer.Only problem is it takes a pack of matches to keep the Parodi's lit.
I like Hula Girl though I prefer Pipes.
Swishers Sweets!

Just kidding, I'm partial to Blondies.



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