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Hello, everyone. My name is Tom Flinn and I reside in Columbus, Ohio. I am a convert to the Catholic Faith, having been received into the Church with my wife and family on January 24, 1983. Although I prefer the traditional mass I attend an "novus ordo" mass at a church in Columbus operated by the Dominican Fathers. It is as close to the traditional mass as one can get with plenty of "smells and bells," Gregorian Chant, altar boys (no altar girls or altar "servers"), etc. We have had the traditional mass celebrated there although not regularly. I served for a year as a minister for a protestant church in Louisville, Ky. and my family and I were kicked out of the house owned by the church when they discovered my intention to become Catholic. We had to move to Columbus and find a place to live literally in a couple of days. I went back to law school in 2001 while working full time and was admitted to the Ohio bar in 2005. I love Hilaire Belloc and collect as many of his books as I can find, am a monarchist at heart (yes, I know we don't live in a monarchy, but one can't have everything now, can one?), a lover of all things Jacobite, and a firm believer in the traditional social teaching of the Catholic Church. I have been married to my wife for 35 years (36 in September) and have five children and three grandchildren. By the way, I am a proud Hoosier, having grown up in the small town, rural environment of Southern Indiana. Good to be here.

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