just for fun
hehehe... I just thought it fun, to fill out the questionnaire, so here goes:
  • Sex: YES, please. [Image: grouchosmiley.gif](otherwise: female)
  • Age as of posting date: eh... 44, sigh

  • Birthdate:24. 05.1964 (doesn´t seem that long ago to me...)

  • Patron Saint by Confirmation: can´t remember... my godmother´s name is Maria, so I suppose it is that.

  • Number of children (e.g. born from: former valid marriage that ended in death of spouse; invalid marriage; rape; past sins, etc. No need to enter details here! Just list number of children you care for): None

  • Location: Germany/Berlin

  • Would you relocate if you met the right person? Sure... preferably Australia - I adore aussies, lol

  • EF, SSPX, both, or other? Just catholic, please

  • Novus Ordo if that's all there is? Well, yes

  • Introvert or extravert? Both, when circumstances are right. I can be on my own quite well, though and find the company of others irksome at times

  • Keirsey personality type: NO idea what this is about...

  • Ethnic heritage: Frankonian German through and through, but have been taken for an Italian (by Italians) or Jewish (by a Jew, lol). Well - Germans are a mixed bunch.

  • Is meeting someone of like ethnicity very important to you, just a bonus, or unimportant? Completely irrelevant. I have no special physical type I am attracted to, but don´t much care for asian (as in chinese, not as in Indian) men, lookwise.

  • Is there an ideal age range for the person you'd like to marry? How important is this? Ideal 5 years less to 5 years more than me... I am pretty "young" for my age, so don´t fancy MUCH older men, much younger I don´t fancy either... I want a MAN, not a boy.

  • In what manner do you interpret the Church's approval of NFP? Well, I cannot have children anyway, so it´s not a personal problem one way or the other for me.
  • What would the headship of the husband look like in your idea home? Grrrrrrr... I have a head on my shoulders, and don´t need another!

  • How do you feel about women working outside the home? Family should come first for hubby AND wife, otherwise, I have no problem with that.

  • How do you feel about women in pants? No special feelings either way
  • Of the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, anger, envy), which is the most challenging for you? Couldn´t say... I love food too much, sometime... I am lazy and disorganised at times... lust, no comment outside the confessional but, ahem ... I can get temperamental

  • What would others say are your annoying habits or bothersome attributes? No idea. I can be stubborn and frustrating at times...

  • What are the most important things you desire in a spouse? Honesty, capable of true intimacy, strength and character, tenderness... intelligence and wit. (hope, I can offer the same back)

  • Things you absolutely would not tolerate in a potential spouse: violence/abuse of any kind, infidelity, alcoholism, disrespect (and of course would stay away from all of that, likewise)

  • What, if anything, have you learned from past relationships with the opposite sex? Not to be too nice to them too easily. (and would probably do it again, sigh... am a sucker for the man I love!)

  • Political ideals: peace, liberty, solidarity

  • Education:University (law, a bit of philosophy)

  • Employment:self-employed lawyer

  • Health: pretty good

  • Allergies: sunlight

  • Smoke? Nope

  • Drink? a bit of wine with dinner now and then, or the occasional beer - very occasional

  • Night owl or morning lark? neither, somewhere in the middle.

  • How messy or disorganized are you? that varies. I certainly would drive Felix mad, but Oscar would drive me berserk.

  • What makes you laugh? A lot... I can see the funny side in almost anything... oh, and BritComs always have a fan in me!! Monty Python RULES!

  • What are the little things that please or delight you? Someone thinks of me, has a kind word for me, when I didn´t expect it... sunshine and beauty in nature or art ... a job well done by me ... a client made happy... being by the seaside

  • What would you like to be doing in 10 years ideally? If you continue on your present course and don't meet the person of your dreams, what do you think you actually will be doing given your gifts and goals? Sigh... the unsolved mystery of my life!

  • Intellectual interests: Philosophy, literature, history, languages (I speak four including German, plus Latin)

  • Hobbies: writing sometimes, reading (detective novels and thrillers, to my shame...), hiking, working out in the gym, going to the movies, theatre or museum.

  • Talents: what are you good at? hm... languages, analytical thought, daydreaming,

  • Top 5 Favorite books of all time: Lord of the Rings, anything by Jane Austen, Hamlet (and almost anything by Shakespeare), Krabat by Otfried Preußler, I Claudius... too many to mention.

  • The last 5 books you read (don't lie!). Are these books typical of you?: God and the World (Peter Seewald and Card. Ratzinger), several swedish thrillers, Nighttrain to Lisbon: Lila, Lila, Niall Fergusson´s War of the World ... yep, fairly typical - but I have a wide range of books...

  • Music you actually listen to most often: changes all the time... right now, I switch from Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers, to Rammstein, to Coldplay ... oh, and I love Mozart, Bach, italian opera.

  • Favorite movies/TV shows: Lord of the Rings (again, lol)... too many movies to mention. TV... Startreck Enterprise (the original), Britcoms...

  • Favorite foods: Italian!!!!!

  • Serious pet peeves: Islam, Protestantism, moronic atheists

  • Pets you have, pets you desire, pets you'd put up with: I would LOVE to have a (not too big) dog, like cats, could put up with almost anything that wasn´t creepy-crawly or outright dangerous (and didn´t stink up and mess up the house too badly).

  • Idea of a romantic evening: let´s be spontaneous! True romance is not to be found in stereotypical settings.
Oh, and here´s yet another pic of me:

[Image: n1222823014_30060001_4368.jpg]

[Image: n1222823014_30040165_9177.jpg]

at my sis´wedding last year:
[Image: n1222823014_30035187_1451.jpg]
Meh! 41 views, and no comments or remarks (or offers, lol)? [Image: huh.gif]

just being polite, are y´all? [Image: sad.gif]
Comments? Well, if I were a single man, I'd marry you for your bookcases alone! But you've got great bones, too!

I'd read your questionnaire, but the close-set lines of type are very difficult for me to follow. I'd rather just admire the lovely pictures. Elegant hat!
Satori Wrote:Comments? Well, if I were a single man, I'd marry you for your bookcases alone! But you've got great bones, too!

I'd read your questionnaire, but the close-set lines of type are very difficult for me to follow. I'd rather just admire the lovely pictures. Elegant hat!

Okay, re-set the questionnaire for legibility... and the bookcases are just Ikea, lol
Thanks for the compliment... great bones? [Image: embarrassed.gif]
Okay, I managed to read a few before my eyes protested. (I have a hard time reading this sort of stuff off a computer screen.) Here's a site where you can find out your Kiersey/Jungian personality type. Have fun!  http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Yes, you have great bones. Maybe this is an American expression? I mean you have beautiful facial bone structure.
Oh, THAT type-stuff!!
Last time I took it, it was INFP... now, it´s ISFP? [Image: embarrassed.gif]

PANTS!!!! OMIGOSH!!! ...HAHAHA!!! im jokin...i just cant get over the "anti-pants" brigade...that said, you are so pretty
diotima Wrote:Oh, THAT type-stuff!!
Last time I took it, it was INFP... now, it´s ISFP? [Image: embarrassed.gif]

These tests are fun, but I question their validity. The ONE aspect of personality I would think could not change is "intuitive (N) versus sensing (S)." I think it's mainly the way we think about the questions that changes, not our actual personalities!

For instance, I'm much more like the descriptions of the feeling types, and until I graduated from college always came out feeling on the tests. Now I come out thinking! Why? Because of the questions. I've gotten in trouble enough from being led by feeling that I will now say in answer to those questions that I value logic over passion, etc. This is true -- but my basic personality has not changed! Only my attitude and approach have changed.
If I was a man, you'd definitely be my kind of lady.

I love your hat in the pic at your sisters wedding! That drink looks tasty too, what is it?

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