Straight razor or Safety Razor.
Gentleman, I have a problem here. I shave with a mach 3 razor and suffer terrible razor burn which turns into acne.(nothing the ladies like more than a dude who looks like he has leprosy on his neck). This occurs with any type of razor I use. I have tried everything and done some online research and found that some doctors recommend switching to straight razors (like the Victorian era things that look like switch blades) and the safety razors of the early 1900's-1970 before the disposable bic type razors came out work better to shave with and eliminate razor burn. Does anyone have expierience with straight razors or the old screw type safety razors?
A friend of mine took his groomsmen to a barber on his wedding day for a proper shave, two of the guys had a bad skin irritation and were pretty red that night.

I presume you shave after showering?  It softens your skin and opens up your pores.  Likewise, I presume you have tried different shaving creams?  If you can spring for a bar of real shaving foam and a bristle brush, you've never had a shave so nice... though it's kind of expensive.
Aveeno shave gel.  It's a little expensive, but it's unscented (unlike every other gel or cream) and has oatmeal, which is very soothing.
Humorous discussion of this issue here.

That site has a lot of good info. In general, I would say safety razor unless you are willing to put in the effort to maintain a straight razor. Initial outlay of cash for either is a lot, but you will save so much on blades, it's worth it. Using a quality brush is a good suggestion. Look for badger fur - nothing else is worth the money. "Super" is the highest grade, but can be outrageously expensive.
Baskerville, last year I started shaving almost exclusively with an old-style safety razor and badger hair brush and there's nothing else out there that compares with shaving like this. I started off buying a brand new screw-type razor from a German company called Merkur for about $27. Then I went nuts on ebay (there are tons there) and scored a few of the twist-to-open type and I now have six total. I wouldn't even attempt to use a "cutthroat" razor.

It takes some time to learn how to shave this way because you have to "unlearn" the old scrape-n-go way we're all familiar with. Let me suggest a series of tutorial videos on Youtube by one "mantic59". They are very informative and entertaining and the guy knows his stuff. Buying all the new shaving equipment is somewhat expensive up front but you'll save money (and your face) in the long run. Make the switch, you won't go back. Good luck.

About eight years ago I started wet shaving and would never go back to more "modern" methods.

I use a Gillette Super Speed, that belonged to my grand-father, with Merkur platinum double edge blades. Most of the time I stick with Williams shaving soap. It is dirt cheap and easy to find. I have used several different soaps and creams but always end up going back to the the stand-by.

Try Badge and Blade for tons of info and links.

Also Shave Tutor on YouTube for great videos.

I use a twist to open type. I love it and hardly ever cut myself as much as I used to. If I do cut my self it's my body telling me I need a new razor! ;)
I use my baby's bath soap with a shaving brush...AWESOME!!!
Looks like I may have to switch to a safety razor. I think it would be neat to try the straight razor too provided I don't cut my head off. Thanks for the advice.
ErinIsNotNice Wrote:Aveeno shave gel.  It's a little expensive, but it's unscented (unlike every other gel or cream) and has oatmeal, which is very soothing.

Thanks I'll have to give that a whirl at least until I get a safety or straight razor.
I have terrible problems shaving.

Basin makes a nice shave cream (comes in a tub). I find the pre-liquified creams work better. Clinique's is good too.

I find that I do better with Gillette blades, too. Any others grow ingrown hairs and cysts.

BTW, I notice that you're using a three-bladed razor. Two-bladed razors are as far as I'll go. The other ones cut too closely and allow the folicles to drop below the surface of the skin. Great news for the women, absolute hell until you can get the thing to find the hole to grow back out!!!

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