Straight razor or Safety Razor.
Paloma Wrote:
DrBombay Wrote:
Paloma Wrote:I was only being facetious about the Lava. It was the manliest soap I could think of (Zest, Irish Spring, and Dial coming in at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, respectively)

Madam, Zest is not more manly than Irish Spring.  Come on....Zest!!!!?????   The very name screams, "PONCE!"  I mean Coast didn't even make your list?  I'd put Coast far ahead of Zest and certainly Dial for maniliness.  Not ahead of Irish Spring though, of course.

Coast? As in those lame commercials from the 80's? ("Coast...opens your eyes.") They made the volleyball/locker room scenes from Top Gun look totally hetero. Besides, Coast is simply Dial dyed blue.

And no woman would wittingly use Zest. It smells like Right Guard and could possibly slough skin right off with its preternatural skin drying powers. I would use Irish Spring or Dial in a pinch though I prefer Kiss My Face and Dove personally.

Someone mentioned beards. I'm all for them. In fact I prefer them. Being Mexican, I try to make sure the men around me have more facial hair than myself. I'm a true lady, what can I say?

Yes, Coast is the "Eye Opener." I can't speak to the relative homoeroticism of the commercials. But I still maintain Coast is more manly than Zest or Dial, and if Coast is just dyed Dial, then the dye makes all the difference.

But again, once you get past Irish Spring, it's a rapid descent to metrosexualville. Guys just need to use the Catholic soap and not worry about it.
What's the stuff on the rope?  That must be manly since it involves hardware and the possibility of strangulation. 

Showering with an element of danger!
I've only ever used Lava on my hands.  I only ever put limes in my gin/tonics.  I wash my face once a day (in the shower).  I shave with a Braun electric.  Thanks to this thread, however, I want to start experimenting with how to destroy my perfect skin.  Oh yeah, and I rarely use shampoo.  Just soap, since my hair is so short anyway.  An 8 ounce bottle lasts me half a year, no exaggeration.

Did you know there's a soap you can use after going through poison oak to take the poisonous-oaky-oily-devils off your skin so you won't get all messed up and itchy?  That stuff has saved me tons of times.

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