Why don't men wear hats anymore?
I was born in 1942, and I remember my father wearing a Stetson hat every time he wore a suit, which was every day except Saturday. Of course he removed it to go into Church, and tipped it when he passed a Church out of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament.  He commuted from Oakland to San Francisco to work everyday, and was Day Foreman of the composing room of the San Francisco Examiner for four decades plus. Many a time he'd come home from work glad he'd had the hat on because of the pigeons droppings he got on it while waiting for a bus at the bus terminal in SF.  Hats come in handy sometimes. My father was a good Catholic man, involved in Catholic action at the parish level throughout his life. He died a good Catholic. May his soul rest in peace. BTW he was born in 1906 and died in 1980.----------------------------------AND BTW, I remember also, my mother and I wore hats and gloves and our Sunday best when we went to visit "the city" (SF). Oakland was considered lower than SF.
Robb Wrote:Why don't men wear hats anymore?  I'm talking about the fedora hats with brims that people used to wear in the 30's, 40's, and 50's.  When did wearing hats go out of style?  Today most people wear those terrible baseball caps that offend the eyes with the crudity and bad taste.  Are there any places left in the world were men still wear these type of hats (or dress up for that matter?

Will hats (and suits) ever come back?

Although you should always remove them before a good fight.....[Image: biggrin.gif]

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SickBoy Wrote:Hahaha!!!  Gangs of New York was awesome!  Can I be The Butcher?

Fantastic movie! The opening music always sends chills up my spine as the Catholic Irish gear up for battle in their catacomb-like homes.

God bless,
Fedora hats went out of style in the early 1960's, especially after John Kennedy set a precedent for being the first President in history to go around bareheaded.

As for suits and ties, I personally believe we're teetering on the brink of one of those rapid and all-encompassing clothing style changes that mankind undergoes from time to time; take a look at styles in 1777, for example, as opposed to 1877.  I think neckties are on the way out, and within 50 years or so they will be as quaint and dated as knee-stockings and powdered wigs.
What will replace this "20th-century look", I cannot imagine, but I do have the feeling that something is in the wind.  I'm sure, however (much to my dismay), that it'll be replaced with something equally ridiculous and uncomfortable.  I have despised neckties my entire life, personally, and I will not weep a tear over their demise. 

Traditio Wrote:When I'm old enough to pull it off, I'll take up the trench coat, suit, and fedora look.

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You want to look like a KGB agent???
Robb Wrote:Is not the tiara a hat which the Pope wears to signify his three fold power?

The pope doesn't wear a tiara anymore. Lamentable but true.

I was told wear hats too much make one go bald.
Quote:but I firmly believe that the abandoning of formal, dignified attire for both men and women is partly responsible for the outbreak of immorality that has blossomed in the most recent decades.
Tell that to the Victorian English who lived wildly immoral lives, though all the while being quite "proper" and "modest" in the externals.
For further reading on Victorian hypocrisy, check out: Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery by Eric Metaxas. Early on in the book he goes into some detail on the moral state of England c.1800.

Catholic777 Wrote:I hope not. This sort of 50s nostalgia really must end. Clothing should be practical. The medievals knew it. Suits are affected and a sign of a culture with too much time on its hands to care about silly things like the etiquette of dress, which is a cheap secular imitation of modesty.

If clothing has to be practical then you've basically eliminated women's fashion! What are they going to wear?
Contemporary hair styles eliminated the hat, not Kennedy.

There's just not many Dapper Dan men around anymore.
I've wanted to get a hat (fedora) for a while, but they look best when you're wearing a suit, or at least a trenchcoat, and I very rarely dress up that much.  So I'm not sure I'd end up wearing it much.
Hats are good if you are bald.  Otherwise, they ruin your hair.

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