Why don't men wear hats anymore?
alaric Wrote:
46yw254qy43y5q Wrote:Why the anti-Italian comment?  Was that necessary?
We're gonna pretend we didn't hear that.....

[Image: Sopranos-tv-03.jpg]

Thank you, Mr. Soprano! From now on, when poking fun at slobs wearing dirty wifebeaters, I'll make sure the comment can't be interpreted as targeting any particular ethnic group.

BTW, great suits!

Quote:I was just joking, although I am half Sicilian, I'm really not into that ethno-paranoia stuff, leave that to the crybaby anti-'s of the world. But the comment about "slobs wearing dirty wife-beaters" I thought was hilarious and true, I see them guys all the time living in Brklyn, funny thing is their not all Italians.
Btw, I posted that pic off a Soprano's site not even noticing the crucifix behind Silvio's head. Pretty convenient for this site, huh.

I know you're joking, but Mr. Soprano doesn't look like he's in a good mood, which is why I apologized. I don't want to end up in the East River.[Image: drowning.gif]

Yeah, it's not just some working class Italians that dress like that;.I see guys representing various working class ethnic groups dressing like that in the summer months.

The crucifix is nice. Maybe we should tell Tony about the TLM.
The funny thing is the Sopranos are culturally very traditional Catholics.  They made hints at it on the show (although this might just be one of those Hollywood never having hear of Vatican II hings).


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