Kentucky Roll Call
UK Wildcat fans only please ! Ha, just kidding of course. Actually, I'm a die hard Rick Pitino fan.

So, how many members live in the Bluegrass State ?

I'm in Louisville.
I'm in KY, but I won't say what town.
Jeffersonville, Indiana. Try to go to the Tridentine Mass at Saint Martin of Tours in Louisville when I remember to wake up. [Image: monkey.gif] Any other places in Louisville with the Tridentine Mass?
There is the St. Benedict's SSPX chapel on Matha.

This is going to sound so bad, but I haven't been to Mass yet because I don't have nice shoes. I never thought I'd be the one to endanger my soul for eternity because I only own one pair of modest sneakers. But I am.
Can Catholics in communion with Rome attend SSPX services lawfully?
If your individual intention is just to attend the Extraordinary Rite of the Mass you're fine.

EDIT: I believe the only things that are invalid are marriages and confessions. The other sacraments are valid but illicit. In any event, I don't know how it works since we also have a legitimate TLM sanctioned by the Church in Louisville.
What about the Eucharist? lawful to partake?
As far as I know, but I haven't been on this site since about July or August. At that time it seemed to be ok to partake.
Chrysostom Wrote:Can Catholics in communion with Rome attend SSPX services lawfully?

Why not?
Chrysostom Wrote:What about the Eucharist? lawful to partake?

It's complicated, and boils down to how you want to interpret the intentionally-nebulous statements coming from the Vatican, her Commissions and her spokespeople.

In the end, it boils down to this: if they're the only gig in town, then no one disagrees as to whether or not you can faithfully attend any SSPX Mass, confession, donut hour, whatever.  Confessions and Marriages might have "supplied jurisdiction" that means they're valid and licit if they have to be.  It's confusing.  You won't get consensus from FishEaters-- it'll boil down to reading all the sides and making a decision based on that.

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