Kentucky Roll Call
Is anyone here familiar with St. Francis in Pikeville?
I lived in Florence and Ft. THomas for a combined seven years. I have many, many relatives in the Newport/Ft. Thomas/Alexandria corridor(down 27). I love Kentucky and miss her. My mom and grandparents were born there after they came from North Carolina and after they came from Georgia.  
AnimaChristi Wrote:
TheDude Wrote:I went to St. Benedict's today and felt very uncomfortable. I thought the service was beautiful but I felt like I wasn't welcome. This one lady kept giving me an 'eat *stuff*' look for no reason. I'm going to try St. Martin's next weekend. I think it's better in terms of proximity anyway.
Yes, I've heard the people at St. Benedict's are creepy...quite unlike St. Pius X in Cincinnati (SSPX). The people there are "normal" and friendly. Our Lady of the Pillar Chapel is supposed to be a good place, too.

Creepy? What a word, haha... we went there for Mass coming back from a week camping in Kentucky this Sunday, and the people seemed perfectly "normal and friendly".
I know this was created a long time ago but I found it & thought it was neat. Who lives in KY? I'm in Louisville!
Hi there! We are currently in Lexington. Been a part of a couple Protestant churches over the years of marriage. We would love to join up and chat with some trad Catholics in the area. We like to Fr Jenkins WCBOhio on YouTube. We listen to his Cathechism series and Sunday Sermons. Maybe if we find some folks who Sojourn up there we could start a car pool or something. Have you all found anywhere closer by with similar preaching and teaching?

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