Greetings (from Wales)
Robhaidheuch Wrote:Spero, I visited Holywell and felt a great sense of peace there. 

Did you visit St Winefride's Well whilst you were there?

Robhaidheuch Wrote:I'm in the same situation as regards being able to attend the Tridentine Mass. I was an altar boy in the sixties, and served Mass in the old tradition. I have desired the return of the Tridentine Mass for many years.

As an ignorant convert I just assumed the "new Mass" was the old Latin Mass translated into the vernacular. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first read the text of the Tridentine Mass.

Quote:Alba na bragh! (Scotland Forever)


Greetings and welcome to FE! Our manager at the place I work here in the American midwest is just back from Wales, small world is it not?

Wales is on my short list of places in Europe to see someday, I will be one of those elderly doddering but adventurous Americans who have had to pastpone travels due to family taking all the $$$ over the years...our trip to Ireland three years ago left me desirous of seeing all places Celtic.



to all google search latin mass england and wales and see what you get
in thanks, would love to get to know more British, Welsh or Irish trad catholics to chat to.

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Cambrensis Wrote:Thanks for that, Spero. :smile:

I visited St Francis Xavier in Hereford while on a canoeing trip last year. Lovely and unusual:

[Image: 536383983_b82a989cf1.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 536387857_c3931abf8b.jpg?v=0]

Well, even the outside says, "church, not airport hanger."  And yes, the inside is [Image: inlove.gif][Image: inlove.gif][Image: inlove.gif].
Wow, what a gorgeous church!
Hello and welcome!

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