Radio Interview: Roberto Fiore, Catholic Politician
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Video starts with SSPX in Italy and Fiore's supporters at the back in their tracksuit top uniforms.

Yes, these are some of the souls with the courage and conviction to stand up and fight for the survival and restoration of Christian Europe whilst certain people sit and speak out of their backsides from the comfort of their fancy country houses slagging them off. That was Don Floriano Abramovich in your video, gregg, speaking on TV about the Foibe massacres. He has a Jewish ancestry, by the way.

A prayer and salute for them and may many more of Europe's youth begin to come back to the Faith of their Fathers.

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Whilst we're at it, let's introduce some more of the young Catholic men and women of Europe who are prepared to stand up and be counted:




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So which country claiming to be uncivilised would you send them to then?
Italy needs to return them from whence they came. If those countries put their foot down and sorted out their gypsy problems they would no doubt end up somewhere in India from where they originate.

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And if you couldn't find such a country to take them, what then?
I'm pretty sure they would be happy enough in your back garden, and of course you would happily give it to them as you have done to all their kind who have ended up in Britain. What! You haven't done so! You haven't even offered! Why not? It's a serious question. Why shouldn't you have a gypsy encampment in your back garden?

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Well my knowledge of Catholic civilisation certainly would not consider an entire ethnic group to be "absolutely undesirable" as Christ desires all men.  In that sense at least it trumps yours.
Being facetious doesn't suit you. It is the criminal actions and alien way of life that is absolutely undesirable.

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I can't seem to reconcile that statement with the parable of the Good Samaritan, though; that's for sure.
The good samaritan did not subject his family to being robbed, raped and murdered whilst practising his charity. The same applies to all of us. To stand back and allow such things to happen in one's family or country is not the practise of charity but of wilful and grave neglect of duty. It is also contrary to true charity.
Plight of the Roma: echoes of Mussolini

Ideas are formed and knowledge of events taken from The Independent?
[Image: jestera.gif] No wonder!

Which leads me to bow out. I'm off on pilgrimage for a few days, so [Image: ciao.gif] as they say in Italy.
"His defence that "if his properties were slums he would not have survived in business" is utter nonsense.  We all know that immigrants are exploited and continue to be exploited precisely because they are immigrants, they don't know how to complain and don't have other alternatives if the thugs turn up to throw them out.  They have no deposit, no references and the landlords with slum properties prey on this."


This is nonsense, because in all markets, "you get what you pay for."

If immigrants don't like the accomodations that they can afford, they can go back home.... no one forces people to live in substandard accomodations unless they themselve put themselves in this situation by being in a country illegally. Any legal immigrant usually has a job secured for them by their company. If the accomodations are terrible, they can go back home.
But remember they are probably much better than what they left behind.

and I know first-hand, as I am a foreign worker in a foreign country...

Here is his full letter.


August 11, 2005

I thank you for your question concerning my personal feelings about Distributism. The principle of the Church's social teachings on such economic issues is contained in the 1891 encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, and is called corporatism. It is the reducing of all responsibility in social and economic matters as much as possible to local corporations and guilds. We call it these days decentralization, and it is the total opposite of modern government, which centralization is the necessary consequence of both socialism and disordered capitalism.

Distributism, as taught by Belloc, Chesteron and other reputable authors is a part of this effort. It is to distribute the means of production, for example, into smaller entities, that promote personal personability, such as the family farm. Such a return to the land is not a bad thing.

However, it is not an end in itself, and experience has shown that it is not going to be the answer to the present crisis in the Church or in the world. The evil that we must face up to is not chiefly economic, but spiritual. It is the question of the very survival of the Church and the Faith that is at stake at the beginning of the 21st century. It is all very nice to discuss speculatively the advantages of a more leisurely, family-oriented life on the land. For most people it is becoming less and less possible. Furthermore, it could not possibly be an answer to the apostasy of society from God that St. Pius X complained about. It is only the teaching of the catechism, a life of prayer and penance, the regular reception of the sacraments, and all the supernatural means that are going to make any difference.

It is for this reason that I strongly regret the naturalism of John Sharpe, Derek Holland and their friends associated with the ITP. By pretending to use a political, right wing, economic solution to the problems of the world, they have fallen into naturalism, and betrayed the Catholic cause. They will produce no supernatural fruits, neither those of conversion of souls, nor the return of Catholics to Tradition, nor those of sanctity.

I trust that this answers your question satisfactorily.

Yours faithfully in Christ Our King and Mary our Queen,

Father Peter R. Scott

PilgrimageofGrace Wrote:
Quote: Posted by gregg
Well my knowledge of Catholic civilisation certainly would not consider an entire ethnic group to be "absolutely undesirable" as Christ desires all men.  In that sense at least it trumps yours.
Being facetious doesn't suit you. It is the criminal actions and alien way of life that is absolutely undesirable.

You wrote "As for the gypsies. Yes, they are absolutely undesirable"
Please clarify.  It is the gypsies you find "absolutely undesirable", or their criminal actions and alien way of life.
Pilgrimage of Grace.  It is pretty clear from this thread that as a former National Front Member and founder of what you claim is the now defuncted ITP you're pretty intent on advancing the ITP/FN agenda in Catholic circles and therefore can hardly claim to be unbiased in this debate.

You also seem to be very quick to throw the accusation of "calumny" around in every debate, having behaved exactly the same with this last poster "Isaac" on Ignis Arden as you have here on this forum.

And here you even accuse Fr. Peter Scott SSPX District Superior of the USA of imprudence.

Just posting so I can be notified of replies on this thread! Smile
You may have heard of an organization associated with the SSPX known as the Knights of Our Lady, who were instrumental in finding the seminary at Econe for the Archbishop. Their purpose is to defend the SSPX from enemies both within and without the priestly organization. Last year, they dedicated their #11 newsletter to exposing the Fascist Catholics, such as Holland, Fiore, Sharpe, and others associated with radical politics. The piece explains the impact these revolutionaries are having on the SSPX, all around the world. Perhaps seeing their fruits will help Catholics realize the seriousness of this infestation and join the fight to defeat it.


Fascist Catholicism?
Knights 11
27 March, 2005
The Order of the Knights of Our Lady

As many traditional Catholics are aware, Tradition had its problems in France in 2004 and early 2005, which were the cause of the exclusion of three SSPX priests: Fr. Christophe Héry, Fr. Philippe Laguérie, and, on March 8, Fr. Guillaume de Tanoüarn. Fr. de Tanoüarn, is the director of Servir editions, the editor of two magazines - Certitudes and Pacte – and is in control of several websites. He also owns 40% of the shares of Minute, a far right journal, through which he kindled a national campaign against SSPX superiors and particularly against Bishop Fellay in the French press.

This tragic situation---which is not over yet, and it may ripple into the SSPX at the highest level for example during the Superior General 2006 election, and consequently in other countries---was due to doctrinal dissent over the issues of Liberalism, Tradition, Separation of Church and State, Gnosticism, Masonry, the Plot against Church and Catholic States, and the responsibility of the Jewish people in the death of Our Lord, which resulted in rebellion against authority within the SSPX.

The root of this turmoil seems to lie with the close friendship and admiration of Fr. de Tanoüarn for Alain de Benoist, a fiercely anti-Catholic and Nietzschean philosopher, and the founder and figurehead of the French New Right movement, Nouvelle Droite. In theory, the New Right is anti-socialist and anti-liberal, with nationalistic views, which appeal to part of the right wing public, including Traditionalists. Less widely known is the fact that it also favours neo-paganism, esoterism (or gnosticism), neo-fascism, Indo-European racialism based on the myth of some Hyperborean civilization, anti-Semitism, homosexuality and pansexualism.

The philosophy of Alan de Benoist is in fact quite close to “traditional,” symbolist Freemasonry, which uses many ways to infiltrate right wing and far right political parties and organizations, while the longtime anticlerical radical Freemasonry is working in the socialist and left wing camp. Of course, both are serving one and the same “master” and consequently cooperate through their own parliamentary association, just to give one example.

Fr. de Tanoüarn also has admiration for defrocked priest and historian of the Church Emile Poulat, who, like Alain de Benoist, participates in the Politica Hermetica magazine and seminars. He favours separation of Church and State and is also an esoterist.

In addition, the friendship of Fr. de Tanoüarn extends to Arnaud Guyot-Janin, an esoterist pagan, who, despite his supposed recent conversion, still admires and supports Dominique Venner, cofounder of the New Right with Alain de Benoist. Tradition, the Sol Invictus Circle newsletter, of which Arnaud Guyot-Janin is the editor, is well known to St. Nicolas du Chardonnet parishioners.

One indication that the problem is not over is that the French District magazine Fideliter of January-February, 2005, published an article against the very notion of the Social Kingship of Christ and Catholic State. Some weeds still need to be uprooted.

This problem, which is very serious in France since it involves SSPX priests, also crops up in other parts of the world. In fact, far right organisations are courting the traditional faithful, as well as sedevacantists and Feeneyites, who are all the more easily seduced since several far right concepts appear to support their own, i.e., the fight for the survival of their country and resistance to socialism. Here is one example which particularly affects Britain, Ireland, Italy, Eastern Europe, and USA. The British National Front (NF), an ultra-nationalist, “white power” political party founded in 1967 went through various splits under the leadership of Derek Holland, whose pen name is Liam Connolly. The organization is now known as the International Third Position (ITP) through which Holland works in close relationship with his Italian comrade Roberto Fiore. Fiore, a former leader of Terza Positione, a neo-Fascist party heavily influenced by Gnostic fascist Julius Evola and the neo-pagan philosophy of Oswald Spengler, was, for some time, living in London. Ironically, while there, Fiore was a successful capitalist entrepreneur and landlord who employed skinheads to collect overdue rents. Eventually, he returned to his homeland where he founded a new political party, Forza Nuova (FN) 1

The whole concept of the ITP is to establish a “third way” or “third position,” “opposed to both Capitalism and Communism,” and to overthrow the current system through a violent “National Revolution,” by the “Political Soldier,” in coordination with other nationalists throughout the world. These nationalists included Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, whom Holland visited in 1988 and in late 1990 respectively, the latter just as coalition troops were preparing to drive out the Iraqis from Kuwait in “Operation Desert Shield.” Holland also participated in a German NPD neo- Nazi party convention in 1999. One of their exemplary and emblematic forerunner is Romanian Corneliu Codreanu, who founded the Legion of St. Michael the Archangel, the Facist and anti-Semitic Iron Guard, in 1927. Although both Holland and Fiore converted to traditional Catholicism, they
advocate revolution in such ways as hooligan squadrons for demonstrations, street fights, and soccer related violence.

In December, 2003, Fiore announced that his Forza Nuova had joined Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of deceased fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, and Adriano Tilgher of Fronte Sociale Nazionale, to form an electoral alliance, Alternativa Sociale, for the upcoming European elections. With Mussolini as the lead candidate for the slate, the coalition won 1.2 percent of the vote and Mussolini became a Euro-MP. The coalition’s poster portrays her alongside Fiore and two neo-Fascist leaders, under the slogan, “Together for a Social Movement.”

Last year, ITP’s Final Conflict 2 was eager to report that Alessandra Mussolini, member of the Italian parliament, and, until last year, a member of Italy's National Alliance party, bolted from that party because NA's leader, Gianfranco Fini, insulted her family and called the period of Mussolini's rule, “disgraceful.” The picture below [not copied in Word] from December 18, 2003, shows Ms. Mussolini arm-in-arm with Luca Romagnoli (national chairman of Social Movement–Tricolor Flame–MS–FT), Adriano Tilgher (founder of the National Front, a very small movement which follows the political line of Le Pen), and Roberto Fiore (founder of Forza Nuova and the ITP). The foursome united under the banner of a new party. What is remarkable about this joint venture is that Ms. Mussolini is, to put it charitably, a radical femi-nazi. Not only was she an 80's trash porn star and topless dancer, but she is also outspoken in her support for abortion, artificial insemination, and gay marriage. When the Pope speaks against divorce or abortion, she attacks the papacy.

Any attempt to portray Fiore as a reformed terrorist who holds the tenets of Catholicism foremost in his heart ring hollow when he aligns with people like Ms. Mussolini. The chief goal of these groups is to replace the current world socio-political order with their own erroneous ideology, through a combination of argumentation, propaganda and violence. The principles of Distributism 3 and Catholic Action form the basis of their economic and social thinking. Their interpretation and application of these principles are problematic: the economic aspect of Catholicism is pursued as an end in itself, as if the solution for contemporary society can be attained by changing the economic and political climate.

What both men fail to understand is that our work is not one of revolution but of restoration. St. Pius X said :

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