Will multiculturism and feminism killed off our men?
The period when men can be men and women and women is lost maybe in some remote villages it can be still found in the western world.
Even down here in asia we;ve lost it
damsel Wrote:All I can say, is bring back the (Catholic!) patriarchy!!

I'm sick of society expecting me to work the greater part of every day providing for myself (do the "man's job"), come home and keep a clean apt./have my laundry done (do the "woman's job"), be a young person with a social life and STILL have time for relaxation and a good spiritual life.  There simply isn't enough time or energy to do three separate "roles" simultaneously....in the business world we hear all about "delegating"*  to keep ourselves from being overcommitted, but society seems blind to the fact, that for centuries, everyone WAS delegating  as far as "life" goes....then we throw it out and wonder why women are so neurotic and weird nowadays, and men are so listless and apathetic.  Hummppph! Well, that's my rant for the night!! [Image: rollingpin.gif]

*delegate: to assign a task to one who is either better, faster or enjoys the task more than you do.

Funny, this seems to be how I talk with my guy friends about modern society lol.

Sometimes I am envious of various immigrant groups (my family included).  They come to this country with little money...yet have large families.  Often the husband works and the wife stays at home.  No benefits or 401K...just hard work.  They have to work extra hard for little things everyone else takes for granted.  But, many of them have a better outlook on life than your average yuppie or suburbanite.

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