Empty Catholic Churches before in history?
England had "empty churches" between when the Romans left and Augustine of Canterbury arrived. There is discussion in Bede about the church of St. Martin being an example.
Thanks to everyone for your informative posts. I would still like to know more about empty churches in the past and what caused them. For example, the empty churches in England after the Romans left as mentioned by Triple 7 may have been because most Britons had not yet converted to Christianity. Perhaps Christian churches were built but their future parishioners had not yet converted from paganism! The Archbishop (of the Fisheaters' Diocese) brings up the decline in attendance during the French Revolution, but we have to remember that assistance at Mass was punishable by law in some areas at that time. Did priestly vocations decline simultaneously? It seems that the French Revolution produced a lot of martyrs and great preachers, too. Are the tribulations of our current times really the equivalent of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain or the Jacobin Terror? Maybe the Devil has found a more effective way to drive us away from the Mass.

ProstrateInAwe Wrote:Of course protestants believe that the abomination will occur in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.  My brother claims that the stones are cut and stored in warehouses.  Just last month there was an article I read about a tailor in Jerusalem fashioning the priestly garb.  Just waiting to take back the Temple Mount it seems.  So I suppose the rebuilding could happen but without the Ark of the Covenant (and BTW there is a New Covenant) how does the place become "Holy" what will actually be in the Holy of Holies?  Will it be holy by Christ's standards?

I was discussing this with a protestant at work tonight and that was exactly what he said also, although then he commented that the "abomination" would be so obvious that no one could possibly miss it, and that there would be no possible argument about whether or not it had really appeared. Therefore he believes that it cannot yet be present. I'm not sure that the repression of the TLM was something noticed by everybody, particularly by those who only know the Novus Ordo.
The second temple didnt have the Ark either. It may be beneath the site of the Holy of Holies in Temple Mount, but...it wasnt considered essential. The Second Temple's was empty.

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