China Ordered Cover-Up of Tainted Milk Scandal

More crap products from China...


Beijing — Chinese authorities ordered a cover-up of a tainted milk scandal that has poisoned tens of thousands of babies because they feared social unrest if the news was made public, the Daily Telegraph has learned.
Senior officials gave the order to Sanlu, the company whose poisoned milk powder is said to be responsible for at least four deaths and illnesses in almost 53,000 infants.
The company, based in Shijiazhuang, met city officials three times to explain the extent of the crisis. Present were local representatives of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China's national product safety watchdog.
AQSIQ had already carried complaints on its Web site from a doctor concerned about the numbers of children fed with Sanlu milk who were suffering from kidney stones.
Yet despite Sanlu's warnings that its baby formula was contaminated with the chemical melamine, no recall notice was issued to consumers.
The central government had issued orders to suppress "bad news" during the period of the Olympic Games, which were starting that week.
The authorities were also concerned about the effect on "social stability" — a euphemism for public protest — according to a source briefed by those present.
The details of the meetings are the first confirmation that the cover-up was deliberate policy and not bureaucratic inertia.
Supermarket shelves have been cleared of products made from Chinese milk from Taiwan to east Africa.
The details also raise questions for Fonterra, the New Zealand company that has a 43% stake in Sanlu and three of seven directors on the board, which had representatives at the meetings.

"We don't care if they die, just as long as they don't get upset."  Typical Communists.

It is beyond me why we continue to do business with that country. 
I would guess the pursuit of personal wealth or some other sort of percieved gain in the parties involved.
I heard today from a friend who lives in Hungary that there are concerns about poisoned food products imported from China to Europe that are killing lots of people. It seems it is not only milk powder.

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