Any trads around here in the Spokane/Northern Idaho area? Just curious.
Northern Idaho here.  Post Falls that is.  I work in Spokane Valley.

I attend St. Joan of Arc (temporarily in CDA).

Where you at?
I'm at Whitworth, currently living on campus. I currently attend Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Garland district (although I'm not necessarily a sede).

Don't know if you're familiar with that particular parish; its on the smallish side, and only the low mass is given except on special feast days. The presiding priest, Fr. Vaillancourt, definitely ranks among the best preachers I've heard. If you want to meet up there at some point, I'm down.
Spokane here. Attend Gonzaga, but haven't attended a TLM in ages because of transportation issues.

When I converted to Catholicism, I was received into the Church by Fr. V. at OLG. He's a very wise and understanding pastor, but the parish was not my cup of tea.

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