Hi from New Zealand
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The main thing is though is that it does the job cos ..."there aren't no ugly people after 2 am"

Haha very true
Conversion stories are always interesting.  Welcome to the Faith and to the site.
Thank you
If possible I would choose to leave Canada and live inNew Zealand if it meant that my future would be with a trad catholic, they are so hard to find now and I would move to be with one if things were good between us and there was a future in store for us
jovan66102 Wrote:Yeah, but neither of you knows how to make decent beer, eh? It takes Her Majesty's Dominion of Canada to do that!

I learned this fact not to long ago with Unibroue. Everything I've tried from that brewer has been excellent.

I can never remember... Is it Australians that "shear" their sheep with each other?

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