Ah yes - the nanny state archetype - CA
Satori Wrote:I hate cigarette smoke, but I fervently believe restaurant owners have the right to decide whether or not they will allow smoking on their property.

Our opposition to or support of a law shouldn't be based on whether or not the law makes things nicer for us personally.

I agree.  On a purely personal level I, as a non-smoker, do benefit from these laws.  But I still do not support them.

I'm fine with the state requiring 'smoking areas with separate ventilation' in public places.  Not just because I'm a non-smoker, but because I think it infringes on non-smoker's rights by exposing them to smoke.

On private property, owners should be allowed to make their premises 'smoking' or 'non-smoking' without apology.  Although, in the case of the town home, I would say that the non-smokers' rights should take precedence.

People should be free to flail their arms about wildly, but not if they're smacking the people standing around them.


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