pander44 Wrote:Christina,
             Couldn't interest you in a pot of czarnina could I ?[Image: smile.gif]

My father used to talk about my grandmother making, I don't think I'd like it.  But who knows?



Quote:I do all my stuff "from scratch" too, - no mixes here.

I do also. Cooking is a creative art, and it can be fun most of the time.

Not too long ago, I spent good money on a cook book put out by our parish ladies. Since most of the ladies are older and white-haired, I figured I'd be finding some really great, from scratch, recipes from way-back-then. Imagine my surprise when I found many recipes calling for mixes and artificial whipped cream, and canned goods! This one, though, took the cake:

1 box of cake mix
1 can of pop
1 egg.

By the way, I do all the cooking, and I like it that way. My husband's idea of cooking is popping Tombstones into the oven, or picking up cold-cuts at the deli.


Today I was at Target and the lady in front of me in line was buying a jar of popcorn.  The clerk asked, almost in disbelief, if she was making her own popcorn.  The lady (an older woman) said yes, her daughter gave her a popcorn popper.  The clerk again wondered if it was easy to do this. 


Do people use pots and oil/butter for popping popcorn anymore?  We do.  It's the best way to go, and not all that horrid artificial butter flavor. 



I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know how to pop corn without a microwave.

Theresa, I think all church cookbooks are the same. They all have the same recipes for things involving cake mixes, Miracle Whip, Cool Whip, Velveeta, canned cream soups, artificial crab, and those little fried onions. I know the very cake and pop recipe you're talking about.

The one exception was (don't hit me, guys) a cookbook I bought from a Greek Orthodox Church. It had WONDERFUL traditional recipes from old school Greek ladies. Maybe it's just us white anglo-saxons who aren't supposed to be able to cook without using a can opener.

You might like "The Little House Cookbook," which is recipes from the Little House books altered slightly for modern equipment. Now there's old timey, and I assure you none of the recipes involve mix or fake ingredients.

Personally, I despise boxed mixes, especially for cakes, and WILL NOT use them even though my MIL keeps on giving them to me. They are too sweet, the texture's bad, and they really aren't any easier or faster than making a cake from scratch.

that's okay, neither do I.


on the subject of the artificial butter, I'm the one who licks it off the sides of the bag.  And is overweight, has high blood pressure, heart problems, high cholesterol, and diabetes in the genes.  Apparently, I don't really want to see my 40th birthday.
        Tell me you have made Baklava from the Greek Orthodox cookbook.Holy schmoli my teeth are getting ready to fall out just thinking about that sweet treat 

Hey Pander, I made the halushki for supper tonight, using absolutely nothing but cabbage, onions, noodles and butter, no seasonings of any kind. Sooo good and so easy, and husband liked it! I think it only needs a side of kielbasa to be perfect. Thanks for the idea and the instructions.

I've never made baklava, but I made another Greek dessert called Cretan Cheese Pie, which consisted of layers of filo dough soaked in butter with a custard filling of ricotta and feta and a syrup of honey, cinnamon, and maybe orange peel, I can't remember. It was better than baklava, but unfortunately I lost the cook book.

Do you make things with filo dough? I found it hard to work with, mainly I suppose because I didn't know to keep it moist.
By the way, I'm left with four cups of egg noodles I didn't use. I guess I'll be making kugel tomorrow.

I really, really enjoy looking through cook books.  I have quite a collection.  My problem is that I want to try everything, especially the desserts.
One of my books is an antique.  It gives instructions on how to start your wood fire!  
(Does that mean that woman were more manly then?)  

We have one of those plug in poppers. Much, much better than microwave... with real butter. mmm. I use it all the time.
My parents have had the same one for probably 20 years, and it is used only every once-in-a-while. So, it was kind of a special treat growing up. "Ooooh, we are having "air" popcorn". [Image: popcorn.gif]

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