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Woo-hoo!  Just one more month 'til I pick up a steer and hog at my butcher shop!  Ground beef?  Kept to a bare-minimum.

All vacuum sealed and labeled, for under $2 per lb.  Less, for the hog.
Can't wait for those grilled pork chops and some nice, tender ribeyes.
And spicy sausage for my homemade biscuits and gravy, too.  If I get the suet, I'll throw some in there, too.  Couldn't hurt.

Sounds good! I'm waiting for my freshly slaughtered suet even now. Unfortunately, I don't have a freezer big enough for a whole hog, much less a steer.
Do you all have a commercial-sized freezer in your cellars?  That's a LOT of meat!
We have one 14-cubic-foot freezer, and two refrigerators with top freezers.  That's nothing; my folks have three large chest freezers and two fridges, and they're all packed at times.

Chest freezers are really pretty cheap, and quite energy efficient.  They pay for themselves in a hurry when it means you can get your meat for $2/pound.

Can anybody tell who cooks for priests?[Image: priest.gif]
I assume themselves.
My free-standing freezer is in my house.  It used to be in my garage but I couldn't park my truck with the freezer in there, so I moved it inside.

Thinking it over, I should have bought a chest freezer, instead of the upright.  The chest-type lose much less cold air than the uprights do.
Still, I only paid about $200, out-the-door, at a Lowe's, since it was a returned item.  The funny thing was, that I was going to get brand-new one (same model) but, as I was walking to get some sales help, I saw two returns there, a few feet away, for less than half the price of a new one.  I took it home and cleaned a minor stain inside. 
$200 isn't bad for a 26cu.ft. free standing freezer, with full warranty.
At least, that's my opinion.

angelofmercy Wrote:Can anybody tell who cooks for priests?[Image: priest.gif]
 Used to be they had housekeepers who did it in many parishes. Now they cook for themselves, tho' I've known parishes where the ladies set up a rotation and each day a different family cooks dinner for the priest(s).
I send good home-cooking to a nearby priest. It is my way of showing appreciation to him for being faithful to the teachings of the Faith.

I don't feed the modernists. [Image: laff.gif]

So, if you see a priest around here with a wide girth......

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angelofmercy Wrote:Can anybody tell who cooks for priests?[Image: priest.gif]

My neighborhood parish runs a notice in the bulletin every year or so asking for volunteers.  I did it for a while, I was given one day a month to deliver a cooked meal.  The parish rectories had staff when they were full of priests, but now that they're emptying out, I think our pastors are largely surviving on Red Baron frozen pizzas.

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