9 Very Good Reasons to Grow a Beard
Boniface Wrote:
devotedknuckles Wrote:Not to rain on your pilgrimage. But isn't it a Catholic and Roman tradition for men to shave? it shows discipline, order. our control over our bodies. the Romans were clean shaven and they certainly weren't taken for women and children when they obliterated the Jews, wiped the Greeks (no pun intended0 tamed the Celts and essentially gave Europe civilization. as a man who shaves I stand by our history in this. beards are lazy and barbaric. get a straight edge and shave.

The Germanic tribes were notorious for facial hair and we kicked the collective asses of the romans all the way back to their side of the Rhine. As a matter of fact, if memory serves, when the decadence and corruption of Rome finally rotted the Empire to the core, it was a bunch of hairy germanic barbarians that stepped in to fill the void and keep the whole of the western world from imploding on itself. I've also lost count of how many great Saints, Popes, Monks, and other assorted male religious have had beards.

Of course, let's also not forget this:

[Image: 84112%7ESacred-Heart-of-Jesus-Posters.jpg]

The Man Himself clearly favored the unshaven look. Booyah!

All of the men in my family have facial hair, and I'll probably try and grow my goatee out into a beard this winter if I can find some way to keep my unruly kraut mane from going all wild on me again.

Facial hair is manly. But hey, if someone wants to go around all bare faced like a chiquita, who am I to criticize? [Image: jestera.gif]

Quote:also wasn't it a rule for ages that priests had to be clean shaven? I believe the SSPX still has this rule though I might be mistaken

The sspx priests that I have seen (Fr. Soos, Fr. Stanich, a few others) have all been clean shaven. However, at least at the chapel I've been to, the same cannot be said of many members of their parishes.

I wonder where this prohibition against beards comes from. The SSPX's "descendents" also seem to hold to it, as I've never seen an FSSP priest with a beard, and Joshua told us he was mildly disappointed that he had to shave his beard when entering their seminary.

Just seems odd, since "this guy" clearly had a fine beard at one time...

[img]file:///C:/Users/Trevor/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-11.jpg[/img][Image: abmission157x258.jpg]

Sadly, I have poor facial hair genes and haven't ever had to shave despite being in my 20s.  I thought about starting to try to jumpstart the process, but its moot if I'm going to enter the seminary next year.  Should just stick with trimming the fuzz...
Do you have Native American ancestry?
Walty Wrote:
ErinIsNotNice Wrote:
Belloc Wrote:is there any proof of Christ having beard?

Shroud of Turin, if you think it's authentic.

Beards are horrible like sandpaper or steel wool, but are fine if you're celibate.

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone doesn't, Erin.  I've met all sorts of girlfriends and wives who prefer that their men have beards, but I suppose they've just been indoctrinated by the Brauny man eh?

I just assume they don't have sensitive skin [Image: laff.gif]  
I've had a beard since Freshmen year in High School. I look horrible without one. I'm not about to shave it, the last time I did they wired my jaw shut for two months!

It can get pretty unruly though if I go too long without trimming it. The hair on top of my head grows like crazy too.
Walty Wrote:Also, a question...

For those of you 'older' fisheaters, when did you hit your peak beard growing age?  I hear that those things can continue to get better and better into your 50s and 60s.

Seriously? Then I wonder what my brother will look like at fifty, if he has a full beard at seventeen!
Belloc Wrote:is there any proof of Christ having beard?

The Shroud of Turin indeed is the reason for this. Once the Shroud became well known in the West, Christ began to be depicted with a beard. Prior to that, He was beardless in art.
Digressing a little, the shift in art shows that the Shroud was widely held by Christians to be an accurate representation of Our Lord. Depictions of Christ without a beard show more of a cultural bias on the part of ancient artists than real accuracy.

Jewish culture in the time of Christ would frown heavily on shaved men. After all, the hated Roman occupiers were shaven. As I also mentioned, in large parts of the world then and now, men without beards are a laughing stock, devoid of authority.

I still have not shaved, and I'm 19. Shame I can't get the perks of having a beard.
the man in reason 9 looks like a...some clues: a big sword,long beard... havn't you seen him in the news?[Image: laff.gif]
Hotspur Wrote:I still have not shaved, and I'm 19. Shame I can't get the perks of having a beard.
oh then you look like images of Saint John the beloved
laughing stock devoid of authority that may be in the jungles of India or Philippines. but in the west my home and my culture being clean shaven is certainly a sign of discipline and of control. again it was part of our Roman Tradition for ages. Christ didn't shave but no one besides the Romans did at that time. he also didn't where shades, boots drive a car/truck and chat on fish eaters whats your point? i think shaving is appropriate. its easy to have a beard just do nothing and wait shaving takes discipline.
but besides that grow away.


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