Crab/Lobster Bisque
I'm looking for a (really) good lobster or crab bisque recipe. I loved the bisque at Red Lobster but they took it off the menu! I have found a few on cooking websites, but it would be nice to try one that I know people have tasted and enjoyed.

Thanks! [Image: gimmefood.gif]
Better get it out of your system before 1/20 - after that it will be cabbage soup!
Don't know how to make it, but it's great if you toss in a jigger of sherry.
Whats wrong with home made cabbage soup?As for a bisque,won't touch it any more.Artery clogger in a bowl.
From the Red Lobster website:

[Image: recipes.gif]
I guess I overlooked the obvious. Thanks! [Image: smile.gif]
Oh, that sounds fabulous! I'm thinking New Years Eve, maybe that would be good.

That's a printer!
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