Caminus Gone???
He was alright, but he sometimes resorted to fallacious arguments.
AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:It is a shame. I got an email from him and he is quite puzzled since it seems to have come out of the blue.

That's kind of amusing - the claim that it came out of the blue, I mean.

He was banned for things over time but what broke the camel's back was the Protocols of Zion thread.  It pushed Vox over her tolerance limits.  I banned him at her request.

Cf. the rules:

Quote:Now, if you think that every bad little thing that happens is caused by conspirators, if you can't see that people simply acting out of their selfish interests can do a lot of harm without (necessarily) being "in" on some grand plan, you don't have the intellect to be posting here in this sub-forum. None of this is to deny that conspiracies exist; I believe many do -- quite big ones, in fact. One would have to be a fool to deny that conspiracies exist  given the definition of "conspiracy" (two or more people planning to commit a bad deed). But it is one thing to recognize seriously substantiated connections and pieces of a puzzle, and to speak of them with reason, restraint, and some sense of one's audience; it's another thing entirely to speculate out loud about very loosely connected things, or, for ex., to go on about masonry to people for whom the word "freemasons" means "those nice folks who do so much for the children." Further, it is just as silly to attribute first to "conspiracy" what is most likely simply sin. It is best to simply post news articles from legitimate sources and let people think for themselves without commentary.

Further, it wasn't a "single post".  It was mainly general lack of charity, etc.  As McMaster surmised, Caminus' use of this forum to bash a non-traditional apologist is the main reason for the "Charity" thread I started in Pig Roast which I haven't had time to deal with yet.  And it goes farther back than that.

I won't say more because Caminus isn't here to respond so it wouldn't be fair.  However, that is the basic gist of it all. 

Feel free to forward Caminus the contents of this post:

I see. I don't very often venture over into those super-charged threads anymore due to having several heaping plates of my own these days. I will pass along the link for your post. Thank you for providing it. :)
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Theresa, if you get banned, I'll track you down to the ends of the earth, if it means checking every discussion list, group or forum in existence. So there!!
For Vincentius:      [Image: tongue.gif]
Woah, Theresa has a stalker!  [Image: wink.gif]
JesusFreak84 Wrote:Woah, Theresa has a stalker!  [Image: wink.gif]
Vincentius must have a thing for dollies.
(or Cristero dudes on horseback [Image: tongue.gif])
You guys!   Now I am getting   [Image: embarrassed.gif].

Poor Vincentius.  He is going to [Image: beatup.gif] all of you up.
Theresa Wrote:You guys!   Now I am getting   [Image: embarrassed.gif].

Poor Vincentius.  He is going to [Image: beatup.gif] all of you up.

Those Fatamaniacs stick together.  :)

Remember: Ingis Ardens is where we go in case of fire.  I do more reading there than posting there, but that's where we take roll if someone disappears suddenly.
If WRC ever got banned, I'd l track him down to the ends of the earth, searching high and low, here and there, over and under and everywhere, and in the creeks where the turtles hang out.


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