Caminus Gone???
this is becoming scandalous! you both are married.
eh eh
good morning

WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote:
Theresa Wrote:You guys!   Now I am getting   [Image: embarrassed.gif].

Poor Vincentius.  He is going to [Image: beatup.gif] all of you up.

Those Fatamaniacs stick together.  :)

Remember: Ingis Ardens is where we go in case of fire.  I do more reading there than posting there, but that's where we take roll if someone disappears suddenly.

"Those Fatamaniacs stick together.  :)" Fatamaniacs? You mean Fatima-ists? Yep, we have to bring the message of Our Lady to the non-believers and scoffers. Well, Theresa agrees with me about the three Baptisms, or let's say I agree with her and the constant teaching of the universal Magisterium.

Well, not only Theresa, but many others too.

So there.
Three baptisms? o_O
Baptism of Water, Baptism of Desire, Baptism of Blood...
I like you, too. Knuckles.
(no)sip sip

Ah I was thinking three water baptisms, thus my confuzzledness.
love to have a pint with ya Theresa. In fatima. on me. well I think it be more vino but eh. whad ya say?
sip sip
Porque não meu amigo.  Vinho será  fino.  Anything else just makes me dizzy.

  If this never happens here on earth, promise me one for heaven,O.K?
you got it!
sip sip

Quote: Porque não meu amigo.  Vinho será  fino. 
Nice to read my mother tongue on this forum! [Image: waytogo.gif]

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