Caminus Gone???
QuisUtDeus Wrote:
StevusMagnus Wrote:Bring back Caminus!

Who else will respond to Newschoolman's 7657654634 cut and paste highlighted quotes on how cool Religious Liberty is?

I miss Caminus!!!

He hasn't contacted me asking if I will unban him, so maybe you should take it up with him in e-mail instead of on the forum where he was banned.

I will see what I can do...
QuisUtDeus Wrote:
StevusMagnus Wrote:I must have missed all of the times where he was personally attacking and slinging mud.

You don't remember things like the thread he started asking if another forum member was a Zionist?

If I start a thread entitled "Is StevusMagnus a closet homosexual?" I'm assuming according to you that's not a personal attack or mudslinging, right?

I don't. I missed that thread entirely. Is it still around?
StevusMagnus Wrote:I don't. I missed that thread entirely. Is it still around?


I just looked at it.

It looks like that happened a year ago.
StevusMagnus Wrote:It looks like that happened a year ago.

And the Armstrong thing happened a few months ago, and his references to conspiracy and the Protocols of Zion happened right before he got banned.

Which is exactly the type of problem I am talking about.  People generally don't get banned for a single one-time thing, or even several instances,  but a continual problem over time with the rules and the appropriate use of the forum.  That is exactly what people usually end up banned for unless it is clear they are a troll.  Clearly, Caminus is not a troll, so you can conclude the former is what applied to his being banned.

How do I know someone is this type of problem?  When I repeatedly have to deal in some way with their posts.  CatholicDad, CradleCatholic, Diotima, etc., others got banned for similar reasons.

Sooner or later people (not all of these apply to Caminus) who continually act in a disruptive or excessively confrontational manner, use the forum to soapbox against others (as opposed to arguing ideas), talk imprudently or legally libellously about issues where Vox and I might get sued, etc., are going to run out of runway.

As I've said before, it isn't fair to me to go into exact details of why someone gets banned except for with the person who got banned.  Caminus doesn't deserve to have everything he did wrong in my or Vox's eyes laid out in public where he can't defend himself.

And it serves no useful purpose.  Whatever commentary others provide in Caminus' defense won't help him.  The only person who can get Caminus unbanned is Caminus, and that is by asking me, understanding what I expect of him, and agreeing to it.


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