Please help! Can this person marry again?
I am confused as to the validity of this Catholic's profession of faith. Also, whether or not they are excommunicated because of changing religions, even if they are planning to change back to being a Trad Catholic. Their 18-year old daughter is a volunteer for Opus Dei.

Re: Is it okay to date divorced men?


If a divorced person does not have an annulment for his previous marriage, the Church presumes him to be married. Because you must presume him to be married unless and until he obtains an annulment, you should not pursue any kind of romantic relationship with those who are divorced and without annulments from the Church. 
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"Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, this area of the Church's teaching is not that black and white and remains a bit of a grey area. It's ironic but, even in the New Testament itself, divorce is not seen as totally wrong. For instance, it states in Matthew 19:9 that divorce is wrong, except in the case of "marital unfaithfulness". In other words, sometimes divorce is a necessary evil. For example, in my case I had absolutely no option as my wife would only continue the marriage if I converted to Islam. So, in response to your question: no, my wife wouldn't really mind me marrying again as she instigated the divorce in the first place.
I've spoken to two Irish priests in this country who said they'd be willing to marry me again in the Church. Ultimately, they said I should still seek an annulment. However, one priest said he would be prepared to marry me before applying for the annulment, whereas the other priest said he would only marry me once I had applied for the annulment. I've been told that an annulment takes about 15-16 months if applied for through your local parish. On the other hand, if I were to to apply straight to the tribunal, I've been told it would take less than year. I plan to get married by the end of the next year, so the time frame certainly suits me.
The reason they'd both be willing to marry me is because, although it would not be seen as licit, the new marriage would still be deemed valid in the eyes of the Church (based largely on the fact that my first marriage was non-sacramental). The CLSA commentary on Canon Law 1085, which deals with divorce and re-marriage, supports this reasoning...and I quote: "If a Catholic re-marries according to the canonical form after a divorce but before a declaration of nullity is granted, the marriage is illicit but valid and need not be convalidated after the previous marriage".In other words, where a priest has told a couple they didn't an annulment before the marriage and went ahead and married the parties, they would still be validly married as long as they had the legal freedom to marry in the first place."

Does anyone have any Trad views on this, please contribute.

Quote:whether or not they are excommunicated because of changing religions
all apostates are excommunicated!

in the case of marital infedility a person can put away his spouse but can not marry another person.look at summa theologica
Article 5. Whether a husband can marry again after having a divorce?Objection 1. It would seem that a husband can

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