Losing weight on Atkins
shirhamalot Wrote:
AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:Here is another resource I have found. It is very good as it shows the nuances of pH, metabolism, and diet. There are some levels in between people like me who cannot eat very many carbs and remain healthy, and La Roza who eschews meat altogether and does fine (I assume) without it.


The only thing I find iffy about this site is that they have soy sprinkled in here and there. Don't touch that stuff. It is full of estrogen mimickers and has many nasty health effects.

:( What else am I supposed to eat during Lent? Chickpeas can only go so far!

I googled "soy, health" just now, and didn't get a lot of positive information, except from vendors. :/ Does anybody want to second Mrs. Adoramus's soy warning?
I'll second it, mainly because soy is an anti-nutrient.  It depletes the body's minerals by absorbing them in the gut and leaving the body with them as waste.  Fermented soy products however do not do this.
Spooky Wrote:
Quis Wrote:I've been eating all kinds of legumes.  Black beans, white beans, kidney beans, etc. 

Poor, poor Vox [Image: fartingsmiley.gif]

More beans Mr Taggart?

Several months ago I started fasting as though it were Lent to lose weight. (+ exercise)

I lost 20 lbs. Then after Christmas, I went back to eating without thinking about it, and I didn't gain the weight back.

Now I just started again, fasting for Lent according to the old rules. It seems as though I won't have any trouble losing another 10 lbs.

Now tomorrow is Sunday - I'm looking forward to doughnuts after Mass!
Men have such an easy time losing weight.  I wish it were that easy for me. [Image: frown.gif]
miss_fluffy Wrote:Men have such an easy time losing weight.  I wish it were that easy for me. [Image: frown.gif]

It wasn't that easy. But once I learned to never eat between meals and to only eat very small meals outside of dinner, it wasn't too bad.

For exercise I did a lot of walking on treadmills with an incline.

To give you an idea - my body mass index is 28.7, so I'm still significantly overweight.
miss_fluffy Wrote:Men have such an easy time losing weight.  I wish it were that easy for me. [Image: frown.gif]

Men have an easier time losing body fat because we need so little of it and strength training causes testerone and other growth hormone levels to increase.

Women have a harder time because of several factors, one is that the female body needs more fat than a man's body so the female body is better at holding on to it (and biologically speaking, women have a harder time resisting food) and females do not have the high levels of fat burning hormones although they get the same effect from weight/strength training.

In the end though, there are three factors. The most important one is to consume fewer calories. Without this, a normal human cannot expect to lose any fat. The other two things are strength training (people lose fat when lifting weights and increasing strength, people lose muscle and some fat when doing aerobics) and eating healthy foods.
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ONeill Wrote:
shirhamalot Wrote:Hmm. Is this because of your agreement with the above conclusion about the unhealthiness thereof? What do you eat, typically?
No, I just never tried it. I don't think about it.

Quote:When I was a vegetarian, I did the rice and beans thing often enough, but I couldn't go back to that long-term. I like Western dishes, with fresh bread, and marinated protein-goodness presented as a seperate dish.

I eat rice and beans sometimes, but I mostly stick to fruits and vegetables.

Haha ahh! I respect you, but how do you live? I would have endless cramps if I tried to eat that way. You must survive on grace alone.

I actually eat what I like without much restraint. I tend to just like fruits and vegetables more, although in winter this gets skewed and I end up eating more grains and potatoes to compensate.

Seems like Atkins works better for men than it does for women. No matter what I eat, I'm about the same, but my husband can't survive without the proteins! He has a bad wheat sensitivity, so that doesn't help.
Anastasia Wrote:He has a bad wheat sensitivity, so that doesn't help.

So do I.
QuisUtDeus Wrote:Orville would. ;)
Dam straight. You wanna be a poofter then eat soy.

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