Losing weight on Atkins
miss_fluffy Wrote:Men have such an easy time losing weight.  I wish it were that easy for me. [Image: frown.gif]

Ugh. My husband can't GAIN weight. I actually have to make sure he eats (nobody has to remind me to eat) and send him to work with a Jethro style picnic basket for lunch. I even make sure he has Snickers bars around because he has such low body fat that his blood sugar dips easily.

I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that my body does not want to be skinny. I've tried. When I become fashionably thin, I have to practically starve myself to maintain it. My body doesn't like being fat either but rather just a healthy/curvy shape. I think everyone should focus less on getting their body to look a certain way, and more on just eating healthy foods in satisfying portions and getting plenty of exercise. (I plan on following my own advice just as soon as this baby pops out ;) )

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