Recipes friendly to diabetics and high cholesterol people
I'm sure the little creatures of the fish tank have some hidden up their sleeves...please give me some.
I don't have any specific recipes. No flour, no sugar, EXERCISE, lean meats, vegetables and mostly just common sense. My dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes (plus he has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and has already had 1 heart attack) and I was surprised his doctors didn't give him more instruction regarding his diet. They basically just gave him a bunch of prescription drugs.

I'm guessing you have Type II diabetes (correct me if I'm wrong.)

Losing a little weight goes a long way in helping both, of course that is easier said than done.

If you have insurance, I HIGHLY recommend getting a referral to see a nutritionist/dietician. I worked with one once years ago in high school (I had eating disorders) and she put me on a diabetic diet that really helped me to eat healthy and maintain an appropriate weight.

I'll try to rustle up some recipes.


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