Introduction from KC
Some of you may remember me some of you may not but I thought I would send my greetings to all of you. In all honesty though, I do not plan on posting much.

I would like to say that after having moved to KC from Detroit the Catholic community in KC has been so impressive and so encouraging to witness. There are some genuinely good people here. We are all in this together and we all need those bonds of friendships to help us get through this life in tact and I think I have found them in KC.

[Image: tiphat2.gif]

Good to see you about again, obscurus.
Kansas City, REPRESENT!
Glad to hear that you have found a "Traditional" home in KC.
FYI - we are neighbors.

Hi obscurus! I hear you - our little Trad community is slowly growing here in my city, and I feel blessed to be a part of it....especially through these difficult times we live in. Welcome back! :)
Welcome back to FE, Alex. So much has changed here, many have left and many more have joined. This community is something now, whether for the better or worse.


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