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Hi! I'm new here. Nice site, I'm looking forward to it. :hello!

I am 46 years old. When I was a boy I was in the choir at our church in NE Philadelphia. The masses and commemorations around Eastertime had very special meaning for me. Our choir director brought in a big grownup (probably a high school student), who sang a solo on Good Friday, accompanied by flute. It moved me like nothing  before or since. All I remember is that it was in Latin, had to do with Jesus declaring to the Good Thief, "Today you will meet Me in Paradise", and began something like "O Domine....". I want so much to obtain a copy of that song, and to share it with my wife and children. Li' help please? Thank you and God bless you.....
Hello sir.  Sorry I can't answer your question, I don't know the song.
Hi Dr. Jim!
Try here to see if this tickles your fancy -
Hello. Sorry I can not help you. But welcome to the fishtank.[Image: tiphat2.gif]

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