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I'm a cradle Catholic that was raised in the liturgical desolation of the 90's. I mean that in the truest sense of the word: there were no real aberrations or things of inspiring beauty, so it was quite barren. Part of that is because for most of my formative years I was in a very small town in western Colorado with a tiny church building that was smaller than my house, so we dealt with what we had. There was one moment that really stuck out to me and that was when Archbishop Stafford of Denver came out to do our once-in-4-years Confirmation mass and I got to serve.

Um, I don't fit in anywhere really. I'm considered too traditional in most mainstream circles, and often too soft in most traditional circles (I personally don't care for to label myself, I just want to be Catholic). The reason I often end up at traditional Catholic websites is because I have a strong attraction to beauty and history. But to be honest, what often ends up turning me away from them is some of the rancor towards the status quo on such sites. I think the reason it's such a turn off to me is that I've never really known any of these things, and I like them so much that they put me in a good mood. So when I come across the bitterness (some of which is understandable, especially for those who once had these things and watched them go away) it seems all the more bitter to me. I haven't noticed that much here yet so that's a plus.

Anyway, just thought I'd say "Hi", and I hope this will be an educational experience.
Hello and welcome! I'm sure people here will be happy to help you learn.
Welcome.[Image: tiphat2.gif]
welcome to the fishtank.
sip sip

Um, well, you'll probably find a bit of rancorous discussion here every now and then, but quite a bit of discussion that isn't rancorous, too. Welcome aboard!


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