Guinea pig hailed as tasty choice
Recipes, anyone?

Peru's cash-strapped Christmas treat: Guinea pig hailed as tasty choice
Quote:A painting of the Last Supper hanging in the principal cathedral of the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco depicts Christ and the 12 disciples dining on guinea pig.

One of the famous paintings of the Last Supper (Da Vinci's, I think) depicts the food as being hot cross buns and broiled fish.

Evidently neither artist had the slightest clue as to what a Jewish Seder meal actually consisted of.  LOL.  


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Fried Guinea Pig (Ayacucho-style)

1 guinea pig, de-haired, gutted, and cleaned
1/2 c. flour
1/4 - 1/2 t. ground cumin
salt and black pepper to taste
1/2 c. oil
Pat dry the skin of the guinea pig and rub in the cumin, salt, and pepper. Preheat oil. Dust the carcass with the flour and place it on its back in the oil, turning to cook both sides. Alternately, the guinea pig can be cut and fried in quarters.
Serve with boiled potato or boiled manioc root, and a salad of cut tomatoes and slivered onions bathed in lime juice and a bit of salt. Have cold beer on hand.
(thanks to Juan Fajardo)

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Google knows everything.

None for me, thanks.
Don't tell the guinea pig lovers of FE.

SaraLucille Wrote:Don't tell the guinea pig lovers of FE.

I love guinea pigs!

They're great dipped in honey mustard.
Why is this news?
Peruvians have been eating guinea pigs for eons. Only after Westerners found them cute did they become pets.  My neighbor ate them in Columbia just this past summer.

Somewhere there is an article on a 'superpig' that is double-triple the size of an average guinea pig.

Ah here it is:
Guinea pigs do not sound very appetizing, but I would try anything.
Sorry, i don't "do" rodents.  Ewww! [Image: guinea_pig.gif]
mike6240 Wrote:Sorry, i don't "do" rodents.  Ewww! [Image: guinea_pig.gif]
 Never had guinea pig, but I love Rodentia Sciuridae (squirrel) and Lagomorpha Leporidae (rabbit) which were classified as rodentia until 1912. And my forebears ate a lot of prairie dog (also a rodent) while they were tree claiming the family farm in the 1870's.

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