Vision Issues.
I need some advice.
I have myopia and some astigmatism, for which I had been wearing glasses on and off for about six years before switching to contacts full-time a year ago. They were bugging me a couple of days ago, so I've switched back to glasses. I don't like wearing glasses at all, but I am concerned that my contacts are making my eyes lazy (my vision has definitely gotten worse in the past year; I need glasses to see things clearly that are within a might tighter range than before). I also think I get headaches and eye aches sometimes from reading with my contacts in.
Do any of you technologically-savvy people know how to just fix these problems? Is laser surgery the only possibility these days? Is it safe? Is it always very pricey? I'd love to just be able to see au naturel!


I'm farsighted with some astigmatism and my prescription is pretty strong (+4.75, +5.00)

I definitely see better with my glasses than my contacts. I think that is just how it is, especially with an astigmatism. Get some cute glasses that you really like and you might not feel so bad about wearing them more. I have a black pair, a pink translucent pair, and a vintage gold aluminum cat-eye pair with rhinestones. I think glasses are fun and I like being able to do both.

As far as laser surgery goes...It isn't expensive when you factor in the cost of exams, contacts, and glasses over time. Everyone I know who has had it done LOVES it which I think is odd because a lot of these people have had minor problems with it and have needed to go back to get their vision tweaked every so often. There is risk involved and one of my mom's coworkers has had complications from it. I actually can't get it done (last I checked) but if I could, I would look into it.

I'm with you on the au naturel part. I would love to wake up and not have to feel around like helen keller in the morning while in search of my glasses.
I've worn glasses since I was four, and Have not yet tried contacts.  That being said I will NEVER let anyone any near my eyes with a laser--maybe I'm just paranoid. 

Otherwise, I agree with Paloma, I would love to wake up with no vision problems, but until then I just try to find frames I like.
I'm not expert, but laser surgery is safe I think. They use the laser to cut across. It is more precise than a knife (the original idea for the procedure was actually caused by a broken bottle cutting the eye).
I know a few people who had the laser surgery and only one of them had a problem.  Some Americans go to Canada to have it done because it's supposed to be cheaper and better there.  I'd like to have it done, but even if I had the money I still might be too afraid.

I also feel that I do see better with my glasses, but I hate having that stupid frame in my field of vision all of the time.  I'm very lazy and like to look at things by moving just my eyes, not the whole head, and you can't really do that with glasses.  The glasses do make me look smart, though.  I'm not kidding - people take me more seriously when the glasses are on.

I once asked a doctor whether glasses/contacts were making my vision worse, and he said that the correct prescription would not do that.  He added that the deterioration in vision was inevitable, and genetic.  I felt doomed.  It's time for me to get new ones, but I'm not ready for the cost or the humiliation, so I might get a new sofa instead.

If you do check into the surgery, please let us know what they tell you.

shirhamalot Wrote:Do any of you technologically-savvy people know how to just fix these problems? Is laser surgery the only possibility these days? Is it safe? Is it always very pricey? I'd love to just be able to see au naturel!

 Amy, personal experience. I was blind in my right eye for over five years, due to a cataract. No, it was not age! It was trauma induced. In my younger and wilder days I got sucker punched in the eye while I and some friends were consuming a couple of two-fours. I am deathly afraid of anything approaching my eyes (have never even tried contacts, e.g.) so I put of the surgery much longer than necessary. When I finally got up the nerve, it was a snap! Out patient, clinic surgery. The surgeon removed the cataract with the laser and whilst he was working, corrected my vision in that eye from 20/400 to 20/80. He could have made it 20/20, but I still need glasses for the other eye, so he left it at that. Of course, I'm now technically a cyborg. I have an artificial lens complete with serial number, very handy if I get killed accidentally with no ID on me! But, seriously, the surgery is nothing to worry about. As to price, I had insurance in the States so I have no idea. Does Quebec cover it under medicare? I know Alberta does not.  
It is possible, shirmalot, that your eyes are now losing their near vision as well.  Have you had that checked out?

I wore glasses for myopia from second grade on. My eyes gradually worsened over the years to the point they were pretty bad by my 20s.  In my mid 20s, I mean before I was even 30, my near vision started going. The gals at work use to laugh at me because I'd have to hold that paper farther and farther out and my arms weren't getting long enough. I was wearing contacts at this time and had been since the age of 14. (I started on the old hard kind that you had to wear a few hours a day and gradually build up your time.) Around the time I turned 32, I simply couldn't wear the contacts any more either. The doctor said my cornea was worn down from wearing them for so many years and I needed to give my eyes a rest. (My husband had worn contacts for years as well, but he recently went back to glasses because his eyes can't take the contacts any more either.)

Make a long story short - my vision is bad both ways. If I didn't pay extra to have those glasses thinned, they would be as thick as coke bottles (the old kind!)  And I have astigmatism as well, which is also bad. I wear progressive lenses (to the whopping tune of about $350 a pair, thank goodness for insurance), but I love them.

If the range between the near and far vision isn't too great, you can get weighted contacts with some kind of bifocal thingy at the bottom. That didn't work for me and with people with astigmatism it doesn't usually work.
Gave me ferocious headaches.

You can also get two different contacts, one for near and one for far. Some people can work with those very well, but it doesn't work for me. I think because my ranges are too far and the vision is too bad. It just gave me headaches and made me feel dizzy all the time. 

Another thing to remember - when that near vision goes - it goes - in leaps and bounds. It's like you wake up one day and you wonder what made the world so blurry so close up? And it may be fine at that level for a few months, and then take another nosedive down.


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